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Amy Schumer's body-shaming after her Barbie casting is the thing you should be protesting post-Trump

Is it time to look past women's bodies and into their minds? Amy Schumer's Barbie special fat-shaming will give you the answer

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 5 December 2016, 11:21 PM
Amy Schumer is Barbie. Think about why that surprises you

Amy Schumer is Barbie. Think about why that surprises you Image: Facebook

"I have a belly and I have cellulite and I still deserve love," says Amy Schumer the actor-comedian who has been cast to play Barbie in a live action comedy flick. Schumer's relentless rantings against body-shaming standards finally have a direction and you need to be heading that way.

The casting of a post-30 "plus-size (as obnoxious as the word is)" sexist-slamming, blunt-as-hell comedian as the most generic stereotype of female allure is a call against the ridiculousness that are the standards of popular beauty.

Though Sony's casting choice is not really a breakthrough, as they too are upholding an ugly duckling story by starring the comedian. Schumer plays a Barbie who quickly realises she doesn't fit inside a regular Barbie world and is ousted from the community for being different. Why can't she play a regular Barbie, you ask? We ask the same question.

Amy Schumer
Is life in plastic, really fantastic though?

It doesn't matter if you are a doctor, a designer, a cop or a construction worker, a Barbie (read a woman) needs to have specific bodily measures. And not adhering to those measures will bring out the body-shamers from their unholy covens. Don't believe us? Take a look

Look at this genius for instance

Or this one

This person is what is wrong with this world.

Oh look, a sarcastic body-shamer.

This person has included 'fat' in his dictionary of 'things which are useless'

This one doesn't play around.


Donald Trump, is that you?

Wow. Just wow.

Witness a stuck-up mind up-close.

So raise a glass of your full-fat hot chocolate and welcome the awesomeness that is  Amy 'cellulite Barbie' Schumer.

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