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16 desi tweets that will fix Monday for you

There ain't no harm in laughing it off

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 4 June 2018, 5:36 PM
You can't help but LOL

You can't help but LOL Image: Twitter

Desi Twitter is a gift that keeps on giving and we plan to make the most of it.

Our lives would look so much better if we weren't stuck with Mondays. Looks like it has been there forever and our dislike for the blues is reaching new heights. Can't it just take a break and let us take one? *like that's ever gonna happen*

So we turn to desi Tweeple for some moments of fun. And they always deliver. Here are the funniest desi tweets for y'all. P.S. They will help fix up the rest of Monday for you. #PinkyPromise

Bhai, bhai, bhai!



Cuz you know Kanoon-longhands, right?

Please, please, please go away!

Smart bwoy!

Sanjeevwale Babu mera gaana baja do.

Mathematical joke of the year.

Delhi wants to know.

It doesn't get more iconic than this for sure.

Uh-oh, Kim!

Just did.

Floods coming in 3...2...1.

Ewww x 1000 times.

True that.

Hahahaha. Bolo Basanti!

We'll be back next week with funnier tweets from our desi Tweeple. Till then, keep hatin' on Monday. Okay don't hate. Just dislike a tad bit.

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