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15 Indian tweets so funny that relatability has reached new heights

Desis got their humour mode on...always

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 23 July 2018, 3:43 PM
Gaitonde gets us, okay?

Gaitonde gets us, okay? Image: Twitter

We have been singing praises of desi Netizens since forever now. They are creative and funny AF. All we can do is share the laughs. Plus, trust us, we need their humour even more on a Monday.

Of course, there's no set date for being hilarious, cuz they got their humour mode on always. All we're saying is they help beat the Monday blues and turn them into happy yellows. So, here you go. LOL on these desi tweets and hail desi Netizens.

Desi moms be like...

It feels


Too dark, too good

True that!

Raise your hand if that's you...

Can anything BE more relatable?

If they had a theme song

Every Indian household


Because she's Britney, b**ch!

No may-may. Only Meem

She will find you and scold you

New meme template alert

Show me the scope, SHOW ME

Then, of course, Netizens are still tripping on Rahul Gandhi's wink and hug to PM Modi. 

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