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15 desi tweets to get your mind off the freaking heatwave

Because laughing it out is a better way to spend the summer

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 28 May 2018, 5:22 PM
Say, 'Cheese!'

Say, 'Cheese!' Image: Twitter

It's so effin' hot. And that's the line on every Indian's lips. Okay, not the ones who are enjoying the rains in some parts of the country, but the other lot dealing with the frikkin' heatwave. Sorry for you, guys.

The temperatures have no mercy on us and are rising like crazy. Thank you humans, for global warming. That's definitely not a hoax, Mr Trump.

So, what do we do to battle the soaring mercury besides seeking accommodation in freezers? We feel laughing it off will help. So, here are the funniest desi tweets to take your mind off the heat. You're welcome. Seriously!

Take note, guys.

Aww, mahn.

Rashid Khan — One Man Army.

Point noted.


English is a very phunny language.

Sounds perfect.

Oh, we've all done that.

Updated privacy jokes are LIT AF.

Bolo bolo, tell tell.


Apt to the T.


Oh yeah, it is.

Oh sheet! ROFL.

Can they BE any funnier? Yes, they can. Just wait till our next list of funniest tweets.

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