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15 desi tweets that will help you get over Tuesday blues

Because what’s worse than a Monday? Tuesday, of course

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 10 July 2018, 3:42 PM
That pun, though

That pun, though Image: Twitter/Tapasri Saha

We gave Monday a bad name for sure, but can we please call out the Tuesday blues? The second day of the week is worse than the first one.

Tuesday is basically the bad cousin of Monday we don’t like at all but pretend to be amicable with. In the words of Tinder Aunty, it is indeed ‘tatti Tuesday’, as the sadness of the day simply cannot be masked.

While being holed up at work or in our homes (thank you, monsoon), we got nothing better to do than to take our social media stroll. And here’s what we found – an antidote for the blues. You’re welcome, guys. Now, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Scroll down and enjoy!

Hey Delhi, you okay?

Everybody fears Anushka bhabhi

This is a legit query, can someone please answer this?

Umm, ours isn't


LOL, this is clever

It me. It us. It everyone

Makers should see this


Well, true for some though!

Did you even sing Coldplay style?

Old is gold!

Punning level = 100

Who did this? *LOLs*

On point!

Hope that helped! Come back next week for more pun-auti. Till then, hello frands, meme dekhlo!

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