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11 quotes from Netflix's The End of the F***king World that make it our current fave

With it's wry sense of humour, Netflix's latest offering is our new addiction

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 7 February 2018, 5:00 PM
A still from The End of the F***ing World

A still from The End of the F***ing World Image: Twitter

This is a serious binge alert for all you TV series buffs out there. The dark drama, The End of the F***king World (TEOTFW), about two teens — James and Alyssa — is enjoyable as hell to say the least.

"I’m James, I’m 17, and I’m pretty sure I’m a psychopath," that's the opening line for you. Told ya, it's dark!

The two teens are our new series crushes and make us fall in love with their imperfections.

The End of the Fucking World
Alex Lawther as James

Based on the novel The End of the Fucking World by Charles S Forsman, the well-written eight-episode show has treated teen drama from a new perspective. Two unhappy teens run away from home, get into serious trouble and discover emotions they thought they never possessed.

The End of the Fucking World
Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden in the show

Plus, the dialogues of the show hold a lot of meaning and we do learn a whole lot about life in general and teen behaviour after feasting on the series. And since the episodes don't drag on, you can finish the series in one night. (I did).

Are you wondering why am I going gaga about the show? Well, these quotes from the show should put things into better perspective. Moreover, they are totally Instagrammable and Facebook status-worthy.

1. "Sometimes everything is suddenly really simple, You step out and you see where you are, really clearly. You see yourself, and you think, ‘Fuck this shit."

The End of the Fucking World

Millennial mantra, anyone?

2. "It's much easier to think that someone's the answer if you haven't seen them for years."

Defence mechanism among teens summed up well!

3. "It's so weird when you've wanted something for so long, and you expect it to be shit, but it's not shit."

The End of the Fucking World

This is the absolute reverse of 'expectations lead to disappointment' theory of mine. But, it does makes sense.

4. "Maybe I'm gay. Maybe he's asexual. We’re dealing with a really broad spectrum these days."

Alyssa nails it when she retorts to James's father thinking that his son was gay. Broad answer!

5. "Well then, respect me changing my mind and fuck off please."

The End of the Fucking World

Another gem by Alyssa. She basically explains the concept of consent in a nutshell.

6. "Being with Alyssa had started to make me feel things. She made me feel things. And I didn’t like it at all."

There's a certain kind of innoncence in self-proclaimed psychopath James's words. And the way he says it.

7. “Sometimes James feels like a boy I could love. Like, really love & other times, he feels like a total fucking stranger.”

The End of the Fucking World

We all have dated a guy like that, haven't we?

8. "You can't just make people and then abandon them. They'll think they've done something wrong their entire life."

Inside the mind of a parentless or one-abandoned-by-a-parent child.

9. "It’s strange. A lot of the time you don’t register the important moments as they happen. You only see that they were important when you look back."

This was an ultimate, 'Hey we didn't realise we were making memories' moment.

10. “That was the day I learned that silence is really loud. Deafening. When you have silence it's hard to keep stuff out. It's all there. And, you can't get rid of it.”

James gets us. Doesn't he?

11. "To be mad in a deranged world is not madness; it’s sanity.

The End of the Fucking World

Deep! *Getting a tee with that quote*

It is the wry sense of humour displayed very early on in the show that's enticing and makes it a real good watch. Plus the way it ended. Whoa! Need Season 2 ASAP!

So what are you waiting for? Let the f***king binge begin!

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