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10 funniest Indian tweets to beat those Monday blues

Say hello to Monday and goodbye to its blues. JK, like that's ever going to happen. But at least we are trying to spread some joy...

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 19 March 2018, 10:42 PM
T2 Digs
And... the nation knows

And... the nation knows Image: Twitter

Khoon chusle tu mera, khooni monday.

Yes, that dreaded day of the week is today. But honestly guys, we are just putting too much pressure on just one day being bad, as if the whole week we prance around in joy. Darlings, you give Monday a bad name.

But the blues are real. The minute the Monday feeling sets in, we feel bad. And when Monday ends? Ugh! We still feel bad about Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (if working). We will not even mention Sunday, because it has a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of appearance in our lives.

So, in order to get through the week that lies ahead, we have for you some special tweets. They are mini happy pills doled out in the form of tweets and the fun is real. Don't have to take our word for it, just see for yourself.







"You can touch my hair, undress me anywhere." Say, what?






Sakht launda.






Your own?






Those in agreement say, "Aye"!






Not everyone can get that wink right.






Thanos will almost abort his mission.





Keeping up with the hear images.






Daler Mehendi had a minute to win it, and he did.






It just couldn't get more real.






These are our picks. Do you have any more suggestions? Send us the links in the comments section below. And let's all have a good laugh.

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