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Chopped and sold: Japan's FIFA World Cup-predicting octopus is no more

The 'psychic' octopus correctly predicted the fate of Japan’s World Cup group-stage matches at the ongoing FIFA World Cup

Nanda Das @nanda1das 3 July 2018, 3:35 PM
It was a Giant Pacific octopus

It was a Giant Pacific octopus Image: Twitter

Rabiot, the octopus who reportedly predicted Japan's fate at the ongoing FIFA World Cup, is no more.

Football fans in Japan brought an end to the creature's living moments right before the Samurai Blue crashed out of the World Cup tournament after losing 2-3 to Belgium in the round of 16.

Rabiot made his predictions by swimming in a pool and moving towards one of three baskets labelled with Japan, their opponent and a draw. Fisherman Kimio Abe, 51, reportedly felt his business was more important than keeping the match-predicting octopus alive. 

Rabiot was caught near Hokkaido island and had successfully predicted the result of Japan's group-stage matches against Colombia, Poland and Senegal.

To recall, Paul the Octopus was the first in a series of animal prophets to predict World Cup results, correctly choosing Spain as the winner in 2010.

As we speak, the image of the dead octopus hanging at a marketplace is being widely shared on social media

Rabiot's fans reacted unhappily, with one Twitter user saying, “Rabiot, sayonara”. Another one said, “I hope you end up in something really delicious”.

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