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What England means when it says, 'It's coming home?' Tweeple explain

But England didn't win the effing FIFA World Cup the last time

Nairita Mukherjee NotThatNairita 10 July 2018, 1:58 PM
Okay, then

Okay, then Image: Twitter

More than the abrupt ending of Netflix's Sacred Games, what's been bothering FIFA fans across the globe is, "What the eff is England talking about?"

The Brits want to 'bring it home', but most fans have no clue if they are talking about Butter Chicken or the FIFA World Cup 2018 trophy. (They did bring the former home about the same time as the latter, way back in 1966). So, surely it's not a 'we did it the last time, so we will do it again.' It's not the Ashes, people!

So, the good people at Twitter help the uninitiated understand this unsacred game. 

Brace yourselves, herein lies the answer...

Here, check out the video

Are your eyes fine? We could use a moment. 

That's England for you. Twenty-two years and they are still obsessed. 

Some, however, have a different understanding of the situation. 

But the pop culture reference makes more sense, doesn't it? 

But then, you gotta humour the Brits. 

And it's hunky-dory when the oopsie daisies are blooming.

Otherwise, how will you explain this? 

Is it just us or are you thinking of the Cristiano Ronaldo bronze statue as well? 

Meanwhile, somewhere in India, a Punjabi wedding feels the Brits...

Your thoughts?


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