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Virat Kohli is the God of the off-side now, Sourav Ganguly faces T2 Online's rapid fire

Sourav Ganguly loves to shoot straight. T2 Online bowled a few bouncers to him

Jaideep Chakrabarty 28 April 2016, 11:26 PM
T2 Interview
Sourav Ganguly has backed ICC's new rule change that will be effective from September 28

Sourav Ganguly has backed ICC's new rule change that will be effective from September 28 Image: Getty

Sourav Ganguly has never shyed away from tough questions throughout his career. In fact, he has always been straight forward and to the point with his answers. During the launch of Essilor's new progessive lens T2 Online caught up with him, exclusively, and bowled him a few bouncers. (Read: Team up Salman with athletes: Ganguly)

How did Dada fare? Judge for yourself. (Watch: Dinda do a Ronaldo)

Rapid fire with Dada

Q: IPL or Day Night Tests – which one do you prefer more?

Ganguly: Both

Q: Who are the favourites to win the IPL this season?

Ganguly: Kolkata Knight Riders

Q: Who is a better batsman – Virat Kohli or AB de Villiers?

Ganguly: Right now, Virat Kohli

Q: Chris Gayle or Brendon McCullum – who's more destructive?

Ganguly: (Thinks for a while) Tough, both are very dangerous.

Q: The 'Fizz' or Dwayne Bravo – who's the better death-over bowler?

Ganguly: Bravo for me

Q: Who's the next God of the off-side?

Ganguly: Rohit Sharma...No, Virat Kohli.

Q: Which team has the most dangerous batting unit in this IPL?

Ganguly: Royal Challengers Bangalore

Q: Which team has the strongest bowling attack in this IPL?

Ganguly: Kolkata Knight Riders

Q: Choice – Cricker Association of Bengal or Dadagiri, the Bengali TV show?

Ganguly: Both because they are very different challenges.

Q: Azharuddin, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni are getting their biopics. Who should play you when you get yours?

Ganguly: I have no clue but I want to watch all three of the biopics.

Q: Since this is an Essilor event, who is your favourite cricketer with spects?

Ganguly: Anil Kumble, without a doubt.

Q: You message to T2 Online?

Ganguly: I will follow you and hopefully we will get the right news

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