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Tired of cricket and football? Try underwater hockey. Here's how it is played

If you're scratching your over-water heads to figure out what underwater hockey means, try fusing swimming and ice hockey

Prabhjeet Singh Sethi 12 March 2018, 9:16 PM
Are you ready to try underwater hockey?

Are you ready to try underwater hockey? Image: Twitter

Does playing a sport for you mean running from one end of the field to another? Do you need a change from sweating it out in the sun? We have a way out. Try underwater hockey, which obviously looks and sounds cool, but can put your stamina to test.

The sport is also known as Octopush, which was invented by the British Navy some 70 years ago to help their officers remain fit. After England, Australia lapped up the sport.

Okay, if you're scratching your over-water heads to figure out what underwater hockey actually means, you can fuse swimming and ice hockey to envision this concept better.

The rules of the game are simple — smash the puck into your opponent's goal. In order to register a goal, the player must remain underwater, unless he or she wants to commit a foul. 

Each team comprises 10 players, out of which six will stay underwater as active participants of the game. The other four will remain above the water surface as substitutes. Players pass the puck using a barely one-foot-long hockey stick. Your not allowed to score using any other body part.

You cannot play this game in just about any swimming pool. The size of an underwater hockey pool is generally 25 mts long and two mts deep. The duration of every game is 15 minutes per half. 

Sample this:

Underwater hockey world championships have been held every two years since 1980. This sport is yet to attain popularity in India. And apart from Australia and England, it is popular in countries such as the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and the US.

One piece of advice: Don't forget to wear your snorkel before diving into the pool.

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