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Watch: Hardik Pandya brightens up his father's day with a surprise from Sri Lanka

Hardik wanted to do something special to acknowledge his father's sacrifices to shape his and his brother's careers

Utathya Nag utathya10 17 August 2017, 9:25 PM
Hardik with dad Himanshu Pandya

Hardik with dad Himanshu Pandya Image: Twitter

Hardik Pandya, who recently made his Test debut and topped it off with his maiden Test century in only his 3rd match, found a heartwarming way to show his appreciation to his father, who made huge sacrifices to help shape his and his brother Krunal's careers.

Hardik, who is in Sri Lanka on tour, colluded with friend to plan a 'little surprise' for his father — Himanshu Pandya — to show how grateful he and Krunal were for him being in their lives.

Hardik posted a video on Twitter, which showed the entire episode unfold, and followed it up with a series of tweets, paying an ode to his dad. "So glad to see his face lit up like that this is the guy who should get all the happiness in life and deserves all the credit, my dad! He was the one who left everything what he had for me & @krunalpandya_official and which takes a lot of courage to do. Only for our careers and I can't thank him enough for all he has done. So that's a small surprise for him which made me cry. Family is life and special mention to my brother @vibsnasir for getting this done when I was not around. Love to all," he wrote in a series of four tweets.

The video showed his friend take his dad to a car showroom with Hardik on the phone from Kandy. After beating around the bush a little, Hardik's father is told that the car is a gift from his son. The proud dad was left speechless and after a long pause, 'I love you' is all he could say.

Gifting his dad a car might hold a personal significance to the India all-rounder, who, in a past interview, had narrated how a family car became the symbol of self-respect for him and Krunal once their family fell into tough times following his dad's heart attack.

"We had a car but there were no savings. We had to take cricket kit from Baroda Cricket Association (BCA) for one year. I was 17 and Krunal was, I guess, around 19. A lot of people questioned, ‘they are coming in a car but cannot afford a cricket kit?" he said in the interview.

"But people weren't fully aware of the situation at hand. People had a misconception. We took the car and soon after, my father, who was the only earning person at home, suffered a heart attack — not one but two and that too within one night. He almost got another attack six months later, but we were glad we reached the hospital in time. The financial problems started at that time. We had no savings and perhaps we spent more than what we earned," he added.

“Me and Krunal were motivated that we won't take sympathy from anyone. We used to get Rs 40,000 per year but they would cut Rs 4,000 TDS. Whatever we would earn would go in EMIs. We had a monthly EMI of Rs 10,000 for the car alone," he said.

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