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What makes Cristiano Ronaldo the 'Beast' he is! Diet plans, workout charts and more

Ronaldo isn't only one of the best footballers around but also one of the fittest athletes in the world

Utathya Nag utathya10 14 September 2017, 6:32 PM
Cristiano Ronaldo after a practice session

Cristiano Ronaldo after a practice session Image: Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo has come a long way since August 16, 2003- the day the world first witnessed a lanky 18-year-old razzle and dazzle spectators with his tricks and raw speed in the iconic no. 7 shirt of Manchester United. Fourteen years on, he is no longer the audacious trickster he was in his youth. Now when you say that about a 32-year-old athlete- whose primary attributes include speed and quick feet, it mostly indicates a drop in performance levels- but not Ronaldo.

Ronaldo rightfully established himself as arguably the best footballer in modern times and one of the best in history in due course to his career but unlike most athletes approaching the age of 33, the four-time Ballon d'Or winner seems to be just getting better with age.

So what makes Ronaldo age like fine wine on the football field? The answer is fitness and guile. Ronaldo isn't just fit and strong, the man is a physical specimen or rather a Greek statue brought to life.


Eyes πŸ‘€ are the mirror of the soul πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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So what goes into the making of the 'Beast' Ronaldo is. Here's a sneak peek into the man's diet chart and fitness regimen.




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Ronaldo eats six small meals a day divided by time periods of 2-6 hours besides taking protein shakes, multivitamins and joint supplements.

Here's a systematic breakdown of what each of his meals consists.

Ronaldo's Diet
No. Meal What he eats
1 Breakfast fruit juices, egg whites, some whole-grain or whole-wheat cereal
2 Lunch wheat pasta, baked potatoes, green veggies and some salad with chicken
3 Mid-day snack ( repeats) tuna rolls and fresh juice
4 Dinner rice with pulses, chicken or turkey breasts, beans, and fruits

His diet is balanced with enough vegetables to help metabolism while sugary drinks and alchohol is a strict no.

Workout regimen:


My secret is dedication. πŸ’― @cr7crunchfitness #LiveLifeFit #Fitness

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A balanced diet is only half the work done. Apart from the high-intensity physical training with his club or international team- when he is on international duty, Ronaldo puts in extra work in the gym on his own time to stay at his peak.

Here's a run through of his weekly routine:


Ronaldo dedicates his monday workouts entirely to build his lower body strength. Any wonder why his legs look like they can break through concrete?

Monday: Lower Body
No. Exercise Sets Reps
1 Barbell Squat 1 8
2 Box jumps (20″) 1 10
3 Broad jump 1 8
4 Jumping lunge 1 8 per leg
5 Lateral bound 1 10 per leg

The entire cycle is repeated thrice on the day.


Ronnie takes Tuesdays off from the gym and warms up with some light jogging and jump ropes.


With lower body done, Wednesdays are kept for building up upper body strength.

Wednesday- Upper Body
No Exercise Sets Reps
1 Burpee pullup 1 10-15
2 Bench dips 1 20
3 Pushups 1 20-30
4 Medicine ball toss 1 15
5 Push press 1 10

The entire cycle is repeated thrice in the day.


Thursday's are cardio days for Ronnie.

Thursday: Quad/Cardio
No Exercise Sets Reps
1 Power Cleans 5 5
2 200m sprint (100% effort) 8  


If you always lusted after Ronnie's chiseled abs, Fridays deserve the credit. While most prepare for a wild night of party, Ronnie works on his core strength.

Friday: Core/Strength
No Exercise Sets Reps
1 One-armside deadlift 3 5
2 Dumbbell one-legged deadlift 2 10
3 Knee tuck jump 3 10-12
4 Overhead slam 3 10-12
5 One leg barbell squat 2 5 each leg
6 Hanging leg raise 3 10-15


Saturday is rest day for Ronnie. Let's be serious, who wants extra work on Saturday? And after his Friday routine, no way.


Sunday is again dedicated to core with some light workout.

Sunday: Core
No Exercise Sets Notes
1 Rope Jumping 10 1 set, 1 minute rest
2 Resistance Sprinting 10 10 sets of 50 meters

Sticking to Ronaldo's regimen is no mean feat, but since you already have the charts, why not give it a try- we know you want to because who doesn't want to look like this:


Just relax and enjoy the viewπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

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