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Asia Cup T20I: India v Pakistan, Highlights - Men in Blue ride to win on Kohli masterclass

Virat Kohli helped India master a difficult pitch against an inspired Md. Amir. Pakistan were bowled out for just 83. Catch all the highlights here

Jaideep Chakrabarty 27 February 2016, 11:20 PM
Indian Test skipper Virat Kohli took to Twitter to salute the brave Indian army for protecting the nation's borders even during the festival of Diwali

Indian Test skipper Virat Kohli took to Twitter to salute the brave Indian army for protecting the nation's borders even during the festival of Diwali Image: Getty

Virat Kohli versus Md. Amir -- finally the game came down to that. India blew Pakistan away with a clinial display of bowling and fielding but Pakistan struck back through Amir. After losing three for just eight on board, Kohli guided India to a fantastic victory at Mirpur. Here are all the highlights of the game.

(All times in IST)

22:06: FOUR -- That's it. MS Dhoni smashes it through covers and gets India across the line. He loves finishing games, doesn't he?

22:02: Dhoni plays through covers and gets three. Is he struggling a bit? Doesn't matter gets the runs anyway. India need five more to win.

21:59: OUT - another one. Pandya gone for a duck. Sami gets his second as Hafi juggles it at first slip. India need 8 to win, is there a twist in the tale?

21:57: OUT -- Sami gets Kohli wrapped on the pads. Plays across the line and there was an inside edge. Unlucky to miss his fifty but a top knock from the Indian master batsman.

21:54: FOUR -- stand and admire that from Kohli. Just a slight transfer of weight on the front foot, lets the hands through and the ball screams to the cover fence. India just need 8 more.

21:50: No Ball, Free hit and Yuvraj gets to face it again. Swings hard but just a single for Yuvi. India need 16 more to win. This has been a stunning partnership for India.


21:44: FOUR -- on the pads from Sami and Kohli whips it through mid wicket. That's bread and butter for him. Bad bowling this from Sami. India inch closer to the target.

Virat Kohli

21:40: India in safe hands now. Kohli is batting like a millionaire but Yuvraj Singh is grafting it out. This is a fantastic partnership. India need 26 off 54 balls.

21:30: FOUR -- Yuvi joins in. On the pads from Riaz and clips it to the fence. 15 runs from the over. This might have broken the shackles. India 50/3 after 9 overs.

21:27: FOUR -- width from Riaz and Kohli slaps it past cover point. It was delivered at 150 km/hr, jeez, he hit that sweetly. Kohli is taking the game by the scruff of the neck now. FOUR more -- down on one knee and boy, this is sumptouos batting from Kohli.

21:25: FOUR -- thick edge from Kohli, bounced in front of slip and goes to the third man fence. Important runs for India and a little bit of luck as well. India 35/3 after 8 overs.

21:19: FOUR -- in the air, in the gap. Kohli flicks Amir past square leg. FOUR more -- classic cover drive. Elbow, head, feet all in sync. Wow! Wow! That was out of the top draw from Kohli.

21:15: Beaten inside the line, beaten outside the line -- Yuvraj Singh is all at sea. Md. Irfan is ripping it at serious pace and the left-hander is struggling badly. Kohli trying to make him stay calm. Don't go anywhere, this match is a classic. India 21/3 after 6 overs.

21:09: What happened there? Pakistan is hitting the umpire's legs as well. That must have hurt. Ouch!

21:06: Irfan now bowling snorters as Yuvraj Singh looks in a lot of discomfort. Shikhar Dhawan in the dug out has a wry smile on his face. Must be a relief for him. India 13/3 after 4 overs.

21:03: FOUR -- half volley from Irfan, Yuvraj Singh gets to the pitch and unleashes his hands through it. Creamed it through covers.

20:58: Appeal - Kohli v Amir now. Was he outside the line of off stump? It's the height. Amir is spitting venom, India have no answer to him and GONE - Raina gets a tame leading edge. Amir is turning the game on its head. India 8/3 after 2.4 overs.

20:48: OUT -- another one. Ball swings in and Rahane is a dead duck. Amir on fire here at Mirpur. Not over this game, is it? India 2/2 after first over. Okay, breathe. What a spectacular over from Md. Amir. This lad has started wher he left off five years ago. Swing, pace, movement off-the-track -- this man is a star.

20:44: OUT - Same delivery, Rohit misses and Amir gets him plumb in front. Swing and movement, that was dead in front. India 0/1

20:43: Back live. Rohit Sharma has a new opening partner today. Rahane is in for the injured Dhawan. Only 83 to chase, so India should do it easy. Oh! What an appeal, first up. Amir wraps Rohit right in front.

Hardik Pandya celeb

20:24: BOWLED - Amir falls to Pandya. And what about that celebration? Pandya jumps up and clicks his heels, that's Brett Lee. India brilliant in the field, clean up Pakistan for just 83. What a performance from Team India -- sensational in the field and solid disciplined bowling.

20:23: OUT -- Sami top edges Pandya and Raina takes a skier. This is fabulous captaincy from Dhoni -- he moved Raina to deep square leg just the previous ball. Pandya digs the ball in and the batsman finds the fielder with precision.

20:18: FOUR -- Sami hoicks Ashwin over deep square leg and another FOUR, this time wide down leg side. Ashwin not in his groove. Pakistan raking in whatever they can.


20:14: OUT -- Bowled him. Jadeja gets through Sarfaraz's defence. Pakistan get into a bigger mess at 70/8.

20:12: FOUR -- Sarfaraz comes down the track and hoicks Ashwin over wide long on. Good batting from the Pakistani keeper. Pakistan 70/7 after 15 overs.

Good work. #promotion

20:10: FOUR -- cute that from Sarfaraz, uses Jadeja's pace to get a boundary through third man. He's the man for Pakistan now.

20:07: Ashwin comes on, finally. He must be really crossed with MS Dhoni for keeping him in the cold for so long. There was a five-for for the taking against this batting line-up.

20:04: OUT -- plumb again. Wahab Riaz goes for the sweep, misses a straight one from Jadeja and Pakistan are now seven down.

India v Pakistan Asia Cup 1

20:00: 10 overs done. India ruling the roost with some disciplined bowling and sensational fielding. Pakistan need to mount a massive comeback to make a contest out of this, 47/6.

19:49: OUT -- another run-out. This is suicide, Afridi out by miles. What is going on? Why would you take Jadeja on? Afridi tucks the ball to square leg and calls for two. Jadeja sprints to it, picks up and whacks it in flat. Dhoni doesn't move an inch to take out the stumps. Sensational fielding from India.

19:48: FOUR -- dropped short by Yuvi and Sarfaraz cuts it behind point.

19:46: OUT -- Yuvraj Singh strikes first ball. Umar Akmal plumb in front of the stumps. Pakistan 35/5.

19:44: OUT -- Malik gone. Pandya takes his first. Soft dismissal for Malik, tame outside edge and MS Dhoni won't drop those. Pakistan in big trouble at 35/4 after 7 overs.

19:38: OUT -- direct hit from Kohli. Picks it up and bang, the wickets light up. Where was Khurram going? There was never a run. Malik is devastated at the other end. He called him and sold him a dummy.

19:36: Another appeal. Bumrah gets the ball to jag back in. Close but Malik survives.

19:32: Appeal, massive one that. Nehra demanded it, Dhoni looks distraught and yes, there was a big edge. Lucky break. Okay, Kohli's angry now.

Okay Virat, the women are digging it. So, go ahead. MS Dhoni walks up to the umpire, that's new. He's giving him a piece of his mind. Mind games?

19:29: FOUR -- Shoaib Malik stands tall and creams the ball through cover point. Beautiful timing on that. Pakistan 26/2 after 4 overs.

19:26: OUT -- BOOM-ruh! Sharjeel goes after a tame edge to first slip. Tremendous comeback from Bumrah after being hit for a boundary.

19:25: FOUR -- Sharjeel across the line and clouted into the boundary. Phew! That travelled at some pace.

19:22: Bumrah with a great piece of fielding now. Saves another boundary. Nehraji gone for 13 runs already. Won't please Sehwag much. Pakistan 18/1 after 3 overs.

19:19: FOUR -- Khurram has had enough. Opens up his body and whacks it through mid wicket. Looks ugly but effective. And is that another boundary? No, Ravindra Jadeja with a stunning chase. My god, how fast is this guy?

19:15: Pad, miss, pad -- Khurram Manzoor is in deep water against Bumrah. Pace, bounce, movement, this man from Gujarat has got some jazz. And a maiden over. Six dots in a row in a T20 game. Jasprit Bumrah impresses every game. Pakistan 5/1 after 2 overs

19:10: OUT -- Nehraji has his revenge as the Professor walks back. Bounce for Ashish Nehra and Hafeez could only tickle that through to the Indian captain behind the stumps.

19:09: FOUR -- sweet strike. Hafeez comes on his front foot and caress the ball through covers. Made a beautiful sound off the bat.

19:05: Sharjeel Khan -- left handed opener and that's all I know about him. Ashish Nehra to open the bowling for India as the countdown starts. It's really lame the countdown isn't it? And here we go.

19:00: All seems set so why aren't we starting? Here's a new way of preparation before a game.

18:56: Here's a different line up for Pakistan. You can't really blame him, can you?

18:50: Even Virender Sehwag is watching. The Nawab of Najafghar wishes all the best to his good friend Nehraji.

18:49: Here are the teams

18:47: And as we wait for the teams. Here's some interesting stat. Chew on, till I get the teams in.

18:44: Dhawan might be sitting out but the Sunny Deol tweets keep pouring in. You will have to deal with quite a few tonight. Here's another one.

18:38: Toss time - Afridi flips, Dhoni calls tails and tails it is. India will bowl first. Ajinkya Rahane comes in for Shikhar Dhawan. The jatman is out with a niggle.

18:35: Professor Deano with the pitch report. It looks grassy but he thinks the spinners will have their say. Whoever wins toss should bat first. So, who's your favourite T20 spinner?


18:25: Good news for India, MS Dhoni is playing football in the warm ups. Why would he do it? He had a back problem and now he's playing football. Then, he is MSD, he does stuff his own way. Just like the team huddle.

18:20: Coffee, check. Popcorn, check. It's time for the big one. As Ravi Shastri would say, it doesn't get any bigger than India versus Pakistan and here's how the wicket looks like.

Clash of the Titans, mother of all rivalries, the Big Daddy game of cricket -- bring out all the cliches from the closet because it's India versus Pakistan time, finally. The teams were supposed to collide (boy, am I getting dramatic already?) in India last December but as usual, the series was shelved. So, the nasty neighbours will now collide (gosh, again) in Bangladesh. It might just be the Asia Cup, a preparation for the ICC World T20, but a Indo-Pak clash can never take place without the emotional sparks.

The set up

The match starts at 19:00 IST but the battle on social media has already begun. #IndvPak is ruling twitter and the fans are at loggerheads. The man who featured most in these tweets were not Ms Dhoni or Shahid Afridi. It was Sunny Deol.



Men to watch out for

Mohammed Amir

The last time this left-arm quick ran in against India, he made them sweat. He swung the ball both ways and had the Men in Blue in all sorts of trouble. But that was 2010. Now, the middle-parting hair has given way to blond streaks and the beard has added to the persona but can he produce the same zing with the ball in hand? Tough ask.

Hardik Pandya

He made a name for himself by bowling wides in his first game. Then, he thrased an eight-ball 23 against Australia and an 18-ball 31 against Bangaldesh. Hardik Pandya is India's new hit-man. Can the Indian 'Neymar' turn up in style against their arch rivals?
So, who's going to win this one? You, me and everyone else is busy freting over the outcome of the game but India's captain MS Dhoni doesn't give a toss about pressure. While everyone was busy making #IndvPak a worldwide trend, Dhoni was busy redefining his 'cool' image. This is how.

The paratrooper landed safely but will the 'helicopter' take off at Mirpur? India would be hoping so.


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