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Arsene Wenger regrets not travelling to India even once

Wenger also praised Mahatma Gandhi's ideology of non-violence

Prabhjeet Sethi @SinghOfGudTimes 14 May 2018, 5:29 PM
Wenger served Arsenal as manager for 22 years

Wenger served Arsenal as manager for 22 years Image: AFP

Arsene Wenger has achieved nearly everything in life. But he’s probably not done with his bucket list.

After spending 22 years in North London as manager of Arsenal, Wenger has a deep desire in him to travel to India. In an interview uploaded on the football club’s Facebook page, the Frenchman said he “is fascinated by India” and regretted not travelling to the sub-continent even once.

“One of the things I have missed in my life is visiting India. I am fascinated by India, I don’t know why, but I have never been in India,” he said.

Saying that he will visit India, Wenger added, “I have always encouraged Arsenal to organise a tour in India. We were close a few times but it never happened.”

He also spoke highly of Mahatma Gandhi and how he led India to freedom back in 1947. “As a kid, I learnt about the country’s special resistance, a non-violent resistance, and I was certainly impressed by that. India gave examples of creative ways to think and act. It’s a special society where there is a complete different philosophy compared to other countries.”

Wenger is the Premier League's longest-serving manager, being in charge of 823 games.

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