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How about paying your ex a break-up fee?

This trend is 100 per cent made in China. No kidding

Nanda Das @nanda1das 16 May 2018, 5:46 PM
Break-ups are always painful, but they can be penny-ful, too

Break-ups are always painful, but they can be penny-ful, too Image: Twitter

Break-ups have a ritual: You communicate to the other that it's over, you return each other's stuff — teddy bears, cards, and other gifts you might have exchanged — delete each other's numbers, say goodbye and leave. Perhaps after a couple of months of crying your eyes out, you get a cool haircut, take a trip and finally, move on. But the Chinese are doing it differently. 

In China, millennials are going beyond just handing over a box of stuff, and are adding some cash to it. A compensation of sorts, calling it a "break-up fee". Ingenius! 

According to a BBC report, this trend came to light earlier this month, after the Hangzhou police got a call from a bar staff. The call was regarding an abandoned, suspicious suitcase found at the bar, stuffed with a huge amount of cash. Cops managed to track down the owner, who revealed that it was, in fact, a break-up fee that he had arranged for his ex-girlfriend, whom he was meeting at the bar. There was apparently a sum of Rs 2 crore in that bag, but his ex-girlfriend didn't think it was enough, hence, she left the case behind. 


This unique trend of a break-up fee has emerged only in recent years in China, paid at the end of a long-term relationship, by the person who decides to end it. For better understanding, let's just say it's like a severance package. Although we aren't sure of the rules of evaluation — how much money for how long a relationship — we don't mind seeing something like this catch on in India, too. After all, we've all dated douchebags (both genders included here) who just weren't worth our time. At least the money can buy us a holiday. 

But then again, you'd have to pay 'em if you broke up. Darn, break-ups are so hard! 

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