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Would you like a generous topping of dead insects on your ice cream? It's protein, after all

Care to take a bite?

Nivi Shrivastava @msjunebug_nivi 25 July 2018, 12:18 PM
Sprinkle some insects on your scoop to enjoy the delish insect ice cream

Sprinkle some insects on your scoop to enjoy the delish insect ice cream Image: INSTAGRAM

We never thought it was possible to make ice cream look bad, but someone managed to pull that off, too — by adding dead, fried insects as toppings. Eww. Apparently, this discomforting addition makes your ice cream more rich in protein. So, would you try it?

To promote this trend among foodies, ice cream shops have created special menus and flavours such as Ginger ice cream with mealworms, Pistachio ice cream with grasshoppers, Scurry Berry with blueberry, raspberry and a mix of insects, Choc hopper with chocolate and grasshopper chunks and Nutritious Neopolitan with critters mixed into strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

According to the Internet, this trend is supposed to encourage people to consume insects as a sustainable protein source and meat alternative. Thus, incorporating bugs into the diet could be the next big thing in the future. Check out how various real-life insects are being used in the world's favourite dessert. Literally, making us I-SCREAM.   

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