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Why Vikas Khanna's first date was a dud (HINT: Food)

From Barack Obama to devotees at the Golden Temple — New York-based chef Vikas Khanna has tingled many taste buds around the world. Most women would queue up to marry him. T2 Online finds out why he won't bite

Debasmita Ghosh @debasmitashankr 5 April 2016, 8:09 PM
Vikas Khanna is still single. Are the ladies listening?

Vikas Khanna is still single. Are the ladies listening?

Most women would give their right arm to see their men cook and do the dishes. Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna has unfortunately not met any of them.

On the one hand, he's tossing up a storm in the kitchen, tugging at the heartstrings of foodies across the world — from US President Barack Obama to Dalai Lama and devotees at the Golden Temple. On the other hand, he's still not over his first date debacle, where, of all things, food played spoilsport.

Interestingly, though, the Amritsar-born chef isn't bitter about the incident. And he's taken it with a pinch of salt. "Old crushes are like dreams, we wake up when it's almost ended," he says, adding, "She told me that everything was perfect between us, only if you leave the kitchen and stop talking about food. Well, she never spoke to me again."


Vikas Khanna


On wooing the ladies – with what he does best

Well, that was years ago during his days in Delhi, where he started off at the kitchens of the Taj Intercontinental and the Maurya Sheraton. We're curious if he ever tried to woo a lady after that with his soul-stirring spread. "I dont know, maybe during the Valentine's menus at Junoon (his restaurant in New York). But, some other guy would be paying for it (laughs)," says the chef, his inherent humour intact.

Talking of food and romantic dates, he recalls a fun incident from his stint at the Salaam Bombay in New York 15 years ago. "After we were done with the Valentine Day's dinner, I overheard this guy saying, 'She is very confusing, she is going crazy for Gulkund ice cream and the rose petal bowl the chef made. And I am the one who's paying $200 for the meal'," says Khanna.


Vikas Khanna


Ready to mingle?

Four years ago, People magazine put Khanna on its list of 'Sexiest Men Alive' and referred to him as "The Hottest Chef of America". That certainly makes him one of the most eligible bachelors around. Why still single, curious we prod. "I have wanted to date two women all my life. All my classmates are already nodding saying, 'We know who!'. It's Sridevi and Kajol," says the chef. Well, with the two Bollywood stars being 'taken' already, what about his marriage plans? "Guzara chal raha hai. Maybe soon. I understand the need for and peace of having a family, but being married to Junoon and with so much travelling, it was on the back burner. But soon," Khanna spills the beans.



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