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Whiskey done right: Food pairing and etiquette for you. You're welcome

*sip on some fine whiskey and enjoy*

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 28 June 2018, 5:39 PM
Cheers, people

Cheers, people Image: Thinkstock

Whiskey, whiskey you so fine, you blow mah mind. Hey, 'Whiskey!' Hey, 'Whiskey!'  Since you can't hear us, it was a wordplay on Toni Basil's Hey Mickey. #OverExplaining

Okay, now that our whiskey craze is out in the open, we can openly talk about the drink that makes our world go round (and round and round, after far too many drinks) and how aristocratic wings pop out over our shoulders when we take a sip of the royal drink. 

Oh that glass, we tell you

Oh that glass, we tell you GIF: Giphy

We say it's royal only cuz we feel like royalty when we sip on some classic blend that blows our minds. But like wine or any drink for that matter, there are some rules one should follow while drinking whiskey. Handing out that vital knowledge to us is Vita Vladimirski, mixologist and former global brand ambassador of Dewar’s. 

She says, “The ageing process of whiskey is one of the most talked-about crafts of the world. Ageing is directly proportionate to the smoothness of the liquid. For that matter, double-aged adds extra smoothness, which accentuates the liquid consumption experience, making it smoother for the lips.”

But what do you mix with that fine glass of whiskey? Vladimirski says, “Flavours of whiskey are delicate hence, best enjoyed when served with neutral mixers. That’s why on the rocks is the best way to enjoy it so that it does not dilute the notes of its rich honeyed taste. But with the whiskey-based cocktail culture booming and consumers going for newer and more experimental cocktails, one can still retain the liquid charm by balancing it out with just the right amount of ingredients.”



Vladimirski adds, “Delicate flavours blend well with whiskey because they complement the flavours as opposed to a bartender using strong-flavoured ingredients which might overpower the whiskey flavours. A Dramble is the perfect example of using fresh herbs to make a lip-smacking cocktail. Spices, nuts, fresh herbs and citrus fruits go great with whiskey but it all depends upon the person mixing and the guest drinking. Sometimes, some of the craziest combinations come out great together, for example, a Bacon Old fashioned — a classic old-fashioned cocktail made with bacon fat washed whiskey.”

Truer words have never been spoken, Vladimirski.

There's a thin line between drinking whiskey like an expert and like a complete novice. And that line is divided by the etiquette. Ask her about the ones you should swear by, and she has the following notes for us:

  • Always smell your whiskey to know more about it.
  • Whiskey is for sipping and savouring not for drinking it like a shot. It takes years to perfect a blend of whiskey. Hence, take your time to drink it.
  • Select a glass which allows whiskey to open-up (get in touch with the air) and release its aromatic note for you to smell. The glass should be clean and free from all other aromas. Best and widely used glass for whiskey is an old-fashioned rock glass.
*insert heart emoji*

*insert heart emoji* GIF: Giphy

That's classic info. Phew! Now, that the art around it is covered we wanted to know something crucial. Food, people. Yasss, we're passionate that way.

What food best complements whiskey? 

We were elated with the answer she had for us. So, basically, everything goes with whiskey. You heard it, everything. Technically, everything in gourmet street food. Vladimirski says there haven’t been specific combinations with whiskey cocktails that haven’t worked.

That's like music to our ears. But still, here are three combinations that are perfect together.

- Dramble with Braised Pork Belly Burger

Get us that, NOW

Get us that, NOW

- On the Rocks with BBQ pulled Jack fruit Taco

Delish is the word, my friends

Delish is the word, my friends

- High Ball with Korean Fried Chicken Tacos



*food-dreaming, RN*

That's all folks. Your whiskey initiation is also complete. You're welcome.

BTW, you can express your gratitude by taking us out for a few drinks. P.S. Lay stress on few. *winks*

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