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When Kim Kardashian turned feminist for a day to make an extra buck

Because we women will change the world, one Kimoji at a time!

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 9 March 2018, 5:57 PM
An accidental feminist?

An accidental feminist? Image: Twitter/ Kim Karshanian

Women, since time immemorial, have been fighting for equality. The right to be themselves without anyone telling them what to do or not. And at the risk of being called a pseudo-feminist, I believe we're better than what we used to be in a lot of ways.

But now with changing times, we got to change our medium of expression too, right? Enter emojis. Oh, and better still, with a women's empowerment add-on.

Kim Kardashian's personal emoji collection is everything she stands for — sassy, edgy, badass and, yes, a generous amount of nude. But we're not worried about that. After all, equality is accepting all the same way, right? What women across the globe are upset about is the add-on that was rolled out yesterday to commemorate International Women's Day.


Now there is always that one bad apple in the basket, so some Netizens found nothing wrong with the gimmick and lauded Kim K for her move. But most were quick to call her a hypocrite.

One wrote, "Women’s Empowerment emojis is a slap to every women who has stood to fight for our rights. I'm sure #AnnFrank #MalalaYousafzai #rosaparks fought for us all so u can use girl power to sell this...All Class."

While another said, "There is nothing even remotely threatening to patriarchy about a woman like Kim Kardashian. She embodies everything it loves and has encouraged an entire generation of girls to follow. She rides on pr stunts like this & outrage to sustain a ‘career’."

Any idea what feminism costs this year? $2.99 only. Not much. "I don't think I am a feminist" unless I'm selling it for $2.99 as my "brand" of feminism. lol what a joke". Most, however, knew exactly what Kim K has her eye on. "Ugh. Well, feminism is "in" now. You had to know it was just a matter of time before Kim K figured out how to make a dime off it." Others decided to plead with her. "DONATE ALL PROCEEDS TO NON-PROFIT WOMEN'S ORGANIZATIONS It's wrong of you to cash in on a movement when you have said publicly that you don't say you're a feminist. HELP US!!! don't use us". Such a sad state of affairs.

Well, relax guys. Kim K is only KEEPING up with the latest fads. Peace out.

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