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When Beyoncé and Solange had a great fall on the Coachella stage

Umm, you guys okay?

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 23 April 2018, 10:56 PM
Take it from the Knowles sister how to handle a fall, gracefully

Take it from the Knowles sister how to handle a fall, gracefully Image: Twitter

Her Highness Beyoncé Knowles was at Coachella yet again and floored all with her performance. Errm, looks like floor is not the right word here, is it? Because, during a segment, Queen Bey and her sister Solange were literally there, on the floor.

Whut? You haven't heard? At Beychella (saying it again, yes, Bey-Bey gets her own hashtag and moniker), Beyoncé performed with Solange yet again. The sisters basically rocked — but you know that already.

During the set, Bey tried to lift Solange up and, while doing so, fell. Both stayed there for a few seconds and laughed it out — ROFL in the truest sense. They got back on their feet, gracefully. We wouldn't expect it any other way, BTW.


Such is the grace with which this music royalty handles everything. But then, Tweeple had great reactions to the great fall of the sisters. Have a dekko!


Style is their middle name.





Hey, they laughed too.




Some serious sister goals, right here.


In other news, there was another Destiny's Child reunion, and the fans just loved it.

People really have nothing bad to say about Queen Bey. That's a fact! Look it up.

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