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What is fast fashion and why is designer Gaurav Gupta slamming it?

The celebrity designer shares some telling truths about the fashion industry and says why he'd stay away from cheap fashion

T2 Online Newsdesk 21 February 2017, 6:09 PM
Gaurav Gupta during the Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016

Gaurav Gupta during the Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016 Image: IANS

Ever heard of fast fashion? Well, fashion designer Gaurav Gupta will make sure you learn all about it. It's a lot like fast food; cheap, quick, tempting but potentially dangerous. The designer, who is rooting for 'The Anti Pollution Riot Campaign', is urging people to stop consuming fast fashion as it creates more dump products, resulting in pollution. Gaurav introduces the idea of slow fashion that's not as cheap but may help you sustain the ecological balance in the long run.

And he strongly feels about the issue. "We are the most polluted country in the world and this is not just a November or Diwali problem. We are in an extreme emergency situation... It's like a danger state and you can't live in this situation as it's akin to a chemical warfare," Gaurav stresses.

The campaign he's taken up will be officially launched tomorrow, along with the brand Vogmask and restaurant Olive to raise awareness about environmental damage. You wonder what fashion's got to do with all of that. A lot, actually. The fashion industry contributes in air pollution, especially because of materials used, transportation and production. Gaurav emphsaises that in order to tackle this, consumers need to stop chasing fast fashion. "If we talk about the fashion industry, the Autumn/Winter collection that we did last was a zero waste collection," he recalls.


But what exactly is the solution then? Gaurav has just the right steps in mind. "The main thing that we should look into is waste management. Fashion industry has a lot to do with it. The main problem is that people consume fashion in a fast mode, which eventually end up in landfills. At an individual level, people have to stop consuming that much of fashion. You have to understand what is slow fashion. There are so many brilliant young designers in India who are making clothes for Rs 20,000 and not Rs 5000. It's not about the money," Gaurav insists.

"At an industry level, community or society, we have to make choices. I am not okay doing cheap fashion. I would rather do slightly more expensive clothes, sell them lesser, but when the consumer buys it, it would be valued," adds the designer.

Gaurav Jai Gupta
A Gaurav Gupta design (Image: Raajessh Kashyap)

Gaurav plans to take this initiative ahead in multiple ways, one step at a time. "It is an evolving campaign and I just want the conversation to start happening amongst people and the media about this human health emergency," he explains.

Hear, hear is all we'd say to that.

(With inputs from IANS)

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