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Wellness guru Prameet Kotak gives us a totally doable routine for losing the holiday weight

We're talking about those December pounds...

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 8 January 2018, 9:03 PM
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Prameet Kotak has some easy weight-loss goals

Prameet Kotak has some easy weight-loss goals

We're a week into 2018, and we just know you're still carrying the holiday weight — and we can fix that. Fitness instructor and wellness expert Prameet Kotak has a very doable fitness and diet regimen — one that will not make you roll your eyes.

Prameet, who has trained several Bollywood names, is also a yoga and reiki expert, and has a handy routine for you to follow. One that you can incorporate into your post-holiday, guilt-ridden lifestyle. Have a look:

What to eat and how to eat it

"I can't stress enough as to how important portion sizes are, for many reasons. It allows proper digestion and better elimination, (elimination is one of the most important parts of the digestion process). Chew your food at least 32 times, pray to the food you eat and eat it with love, and make a note of how you want it to digest and assimilate," Prameet tells T2 Online.

Holiday Weight Loss
Nope. Nope. Nope. (Image: Tumblr)

"Eat your proteins and fats but make sure you eat healthy carbs, like sweet potato, brown rice, buckwheat, poha — a maximum of half a cup. And combine them with with proteins and fats," adds Prameet, who is currently training Purab Kohli and Amrita Puri.

When to eat

"It is essential to maintain and balance your food timings. Have your breakfast between 7am to 9am, lunch between 12 to 2pm, snacks between 4 to 5pm, dinner between 7 to 9pm. Post dinner, make sure you wait for an hour before you sleep," says the wellness guru.

And now, the workout...

Don't panic. It is a totally easy 20-minute workout, which will not make you scream at the end of each set. "The workout is based on time and not reps (a rep is a complete set of exercises). The focus is on making sure you plan the speed of your reps, the number of reps is meant to suit your cardio vascular fitness. Yes, you can use the reps as a guide, so, the next time you try the circuit you may choose to monitor your progress," Prameet tells us.

Holiday weight loss
Yeah... (Image: Tumblr)

"Focus on your form and keep the heart rate consistent, you are in a safer state with a consistent heart rate," he adds.

The warm up

  • Close your eyes for two minutes and focus on what you want to achieve from the workout — it gets you ready for the exercises.
  • 1 minute of Kapalbhati — it oxygenates your body.
  • 1 minute of spot jogging — it warms up the body and gets the lymph flowing.
  • 1 minute of start jumps — warms up the body and gets the lymph flowing.
  • 30 seconds of active recovery — Calf raises tone and strengthen your calf.

The workout

(Do this set twice and you'll have 20 minutes of workout).

  • 1 minute of simple pushups — they tone and strengthen your chest.
  • 1 minute of boat pose /sky diving position on your stomach — it strengthens the posterior part of the body.
  • 1 minute of boat pose with your face up or in V — pose balancing on your buttocks tones the anterior part of the body including the abdominal region.
  • 30 seconds of rest — it allows time for recovery.
  • 30 seconds of sitting and breathing with eyes closed. During this mini meditation, you need to be aware of your heart rate. Breath in and breathe out.
  • 1 minute of squats — it tones and strengthens the lower body.
  • 1 minute of pushups (again).
  • 1 minute of lunges — they are incredible for toning.
  • 30 seconds of crunches.

The dos and the don'ts

Holiday weight loss
Okay, so... (Image: Tumblr)
  • Avoid anything from a packet or any processed foods.
  • Avoid cold drinks, cakes, burgers — so basically, the junk you hold so close to your heart.
  • Opt for fresh foods.
  • Eat at least two fruits and a maximum of five vegetables in a day.
  • Only a maximum of 2/3 eggs are allowed in a day.
  • Drink healthy soups.

"With the growing importance of health and fitness, there are multiple fitness products that can be used while working out such as mini loops, dyna bands, resistance tubes, dumbbells weights, machines (if you are at the gym), stairs, uphill slopes. Use a chair for squats or a table for 45 deep push-ups," Prameet tells us. 

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