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Wedding cakes so good, you wouldn't want to cut them to pieces

With the wedding season around the corner, we sample the latest and absolutely gorgeous cake trends on social media

Nivi Shrivastava 5 May 2018, 8:39 PM
We are drooling over this unicorn cake. What about you?

We are drooling over this unicorn cake. What about you? Image: Thinkstock

Have you ever been to a wedding and ended up clicking more pictures of the cake than the wedded couple? Well, we won't judge even if you plead guilty. Lately, wedding cakes have turned more into works of art than just food items.

With many celebrity weddings lined up this season, wedding cakes are trending on Instagram because of obvious reasons. Recently, it was reported that the much-talked-about royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have opted for an elderflower and lemon cake for their wedding. And with that announcement, predictions for summer wedding cakes have started.

This year, we see a strong comeback from floral cakes embellished with life-like flowers and fruits crafted by food artistes and stylists. We also spotted some quirky designs like a unicorn, swans, birds, superheroes and Lego cakes designed for unconventional couples. And, of course, the subtle marble cakes, metallic finish, and sugar-coated multi-tiered cakes are quite popular, too.

We leave you with some beautiful design inspirations for wedding cakes. Have a bite, or not! 
















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