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We talked to indie artistes Komorebi and Ankur Tewari about sexism in the workplace

Komorebi and Tewari were recently part of a unique event called Mind the Gap, which addressed the issue of #GenderAndTheJob

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 20 June 2018, 3:12 PM
Komorebi thinks it is always important to openly stand up against workplace bullies

Komorebi thinks it is always important to openly stand up against workplace bullies Image: Facebook/ Komorebi

The post-Weinstein era is a very nervous era — and the only way to fix it, is to talk. And that's exactly what desi artistes decided to team up for. 

Mumbai's BKC recently hosted a stellar event, called Mind The Gap by Dysco X MIXX — a day-long series of sessions which delved deep into the issue of gender representation within the world of music and other workspaces.

We caught up with indie stars Ankur Tewari and Komorebi, who were part of the event, to discuss the issue of gender dynamics in any workspace.

"I won't say there's sexism only in the indie scene, it's there everywhere in India. One can't look away from that," Tewari tells us. We also asked him about the Time's Up campaign which is taking Hollywood by storm, and if we could use something like it here, and he agrees.

"Absolutely, I agree. It's something that needs to be spoken about. It's not just about rights for women, it's human rights," he adds. Komorebi, too, thinks the movement comes at a good time.

"The scale of men's atrocities inflicted not only on women — but all genders — is alarming. This raises many questions — what is it about men that causes this large-scale violence? Is there anything we can do to fix the mental health of our society as a whole, in 2018? " she says.

"Sexism in this country is pretty deep-rooted. Even when you go to colleges, for instance, you see you're on stage, that the men are one one side and the women are on the other. It starts at a very basic level at home, with your parents treating men and women differently," Tewari tells us.

"It's very important for men to interact with women more and understand what they have to say. Because creating a safe environment is very important," adds the singer.

As an artiste, Komorebi asks for equal opportunities, media time and pay for all genders. "That also includes artistes who are outside of the male/female dichotomy," she adds.

As for a sexism-free workspace, Komorebi feels we can only do one thing: "Stand up to anyone who bullies you! Openly! "

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