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We are raising a mug to National Beer Day and demanding one for us

Beer today, gone tomorrow!

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 7 April 2018, 6:35 PM
Chug! Chug! Chug!

Chug! Chug! Chug!

If you spot an insane number of posts about beer today on social media, chances are it is because of National Beer Day. Unfortunately, however, it's celebrated only in the US. Although we ought to have one in India, too, don't you think? Yes, we do know International Beer Day is celebrated across the globe on August 3, but one can be greedy right, especially when it comes to beer? *sly grin*

National Beer Day in the US is not just a day you get amazing discounts on beer and get to taste some of the best craft beers breweries can brew up. Of course, it has all of the above but the real reason why beer is celebrated runs deeper in history. April 7 is the day beer was allowed to be legally manufactured and sold in America. Wow! Why would anyone ban awesomeness in a mug? Something to think about tonight when you clink your glasses. 

Like we ever needed a reason to pop open a beer can, but tonight we'll be doing it just in solidarity with our American friends. A beer hug to you, guys. And the fact that for the first time since 2013 it's on a Saturday, just makes it absolutely necessary for us to get drunk. But how about we spice up the good ol' beer a bit by turning it into a cocktail? Here are three zero-hassle recipes you can try:



Lager top
Originated in the UK, lager top is basically lager topped with a dash of lemonade. The tangy taste just takes your beer experience to another level. Psst, instead of lemonade you can opt for a lemon-based soft drink to bubble it up. 

Not a fan of the tangy? How about adding some sweetness to your draft beer with cola? Popular in  Belgium, Italy, Germany, and Portugal, a Diesel is draft beer mixed with cola. Yup, cola isn't just Old Monk's best friend. 

Kip Lin
Lee Kip Lin is known in history as an architect, professor, historian and author. But he never really got his due for inventing the Kip Lin, that is a half-and-half mix of lager and tonic water. The man was a genius, really, and a true beer lover. 

So the real question is, why don't we have a National Beer Day in India already? 

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