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Wardrobe must-haves to brave the monsoons

Let's make fashion practical again

Nairita Mukherjee NotThatNairita 10 July 2018, 3:52 PM
Are you rain ready?

Are you rain ready? Image: Thinkstock

You don't need to check your social media feed to know it's raining. And it's moved past the 'cats and dogs' stage, it's raining dinosaurs and dragons.

And while the ideal thing to do at the moment is to just curl up in your blanket with a hot cup of cocoa, while the raindrops make music on your windowpane, life isn't fair. So you have to brave the rains and head to work, buy groceries for the house (cuz online delivery isn't very active during this time), and, well, live your life.

So, here are some practical wardrobe solutions to stay dry (as much as possible), while you stay on top of the fashion game. 

Jeggings are your best buds
Tuck away your jeans and bring out the jeggings. We mean jeggings and not leggings because the thicker material will not only keep you warm but also avoid certain obvious wardrobe malfunctions. Plus, they dry faster, even if you get them wet. 

You're not Chris Hemsworth. SO, why would you even try?

You're not Chris Hemsworth. SO, why would you even try? GIF: IMGFlip

Ditch the T-shirt, go for jerseys instead
As comfortable as T-shirts are in summers, they are a menace in monsoons. They get patchy, take awfully long to dry, and, worse, stick to the body. Jersey or gym T-shirts are what you need. They dry mighty quick and come in a number of cute shades to help you match them with your skirt. 

*splash* *splash* *splash*

*splash* *splash* *splash* GIF: Giphy

Invest in a pair of Wellingtons
Though it may seem like an unnecessary splurge, it's actually quite a reasonable buy. Cuff-length Wellies protect your bottom wear from splattering water, apart from keeping your feet dry and saving you from falling sick. If it's too outrageous a fashion statement for you, opt for rain shoes with a thick sole or platform heels — not those ballet-flats — because even though the water does drain out, it's not before dirtying your feet on the way. We don't mean to gross you out but just imagine the things you'd find floating around in that murky water! 

Bring out the beach bags
No, not the earthy jute ones, we're talking about the tough PVC ones. Of course, we don't love it but it is the most practical solution if you want to save your wallet from getting wet. Fortunately, PVC bags are available in all sorts of cute shapes and styles, not just the beach totes. Opt for one with a flap over the zipper instead of ones with just the zipper, as water may drip in through the enclosure. 

Raincoat gives you speed

Raincoat gives you speed GIF: Giphy

Raincoats vs umbrellas
Raincoats are perfect when you're walking or are travelling on a two-wheeler, but if you have to commute by public transport — local trains, metros or buses — be prepared for a few nasty stares from your fellow commuters. Umbrellas, on the other hand, are quicker to wield when stepping out of the bus. Clearly, both have their advantages, so pick one depending on your travel route. 

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