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Want to be a DJ? Neil Armstrong has some tips for you

The NYC-based DJ lists out five key rules that will help you become the hippest disc jockey in town

Nanda Das @nanda1das 15 March 2018, 5:06 PM
Neil Armstrong has some advice for millennials aspiring to be DJs

Neil Armstrong has some advice for millennials aspiring to be DJs Image: Facebook

New York-based DJ and mixtape legend Neil Armstrong, known for his eclectic knowledge in music, has turned his love for mashups and hip-hop culture into a career. While now he plays music for masses across the world, it was no child's play when he started off. Armstrong, who is back in India for the Puma Sneakers Pimps this weekend in Delhi, spoke to T2 Online to dole out some advice for desi millennials who dream of churning magic at the console by trying their luck in DJ-ing. 

Here are Armstrong's top five tips for becoming a succesful DJ:

Music should be your love

Become a DJ only if you love music for real. Don't do it for just fame or money. If you want to make money, the CEO of Google is Indian, he is a better role model to follow.

Perseverance pays

Don't expect success overnight. Like most people who do not win the lottery, being successful takes a lot of work and failures before you can be considered successful. Be prepared to fail, persevere and be patient.

Be affable

Never burn bridges. DJing is a job that involves relationships with people — the promoters who hire you, the manager at the club, the party folks who will come to see you play. You have to interact accordingly. If you act like a snob to a promoter, don't be upset when you don't get hired for the next gig. If you treat a fan like crap, don't be mad when he and his friends don’t show up at your next gig.

Work, work, work ... 

Work hard, it's not always fun and games. When you are hired for a party or event, you are there to do a job. Sure, you can have fun while at work, but remember, you are doing a JOB. This isn't your party time, it's party time for the guests. So don't come to a gig and get so drunk that you can no longer DJ. Concentrate on the task at hand. You are there to entertain, not to be entertained.

Have fun

Even then, remember to enjoy yourself on your musical journey. If you don't enjoy your work, no one else will do it either.

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