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Want to be a tattoo artiste? Here's how to go about it

Right from the core craft to how much money you can make, here's a guide on taking up tattooing as a career option

Nanda Das @nanda1das 27 April 2018, 9:50 PM
Tattoo artist Vikas Malani at his studio

Tattoo artist Vikas Malani at his studio

If your sketches are perfect, and the doodle you made on your friend's forearm has been fetching you compliments, then maybe think about taking it up seriously? Celebrity tattoo artiste Vikas Malani, co-founder of Bodycanvas tattoos, has your back if you want to be a pro at tattooing.

"It’s the attitude, passion and the zeal for learning something new that matters most of all. With the right attitude and dedication, any art form can be mastered," says Vikas. 

No degree needed

If you feel, you need to have a fine arts degree to be a professional tattoo artiste, then you're highly mistaken. Vikas says, "There is no specific education degree needed to be a tattoo artiste. However, a basic knowledge of art would be an added advantage for the same."






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Do an internship

Unfortunately, there are no official schools or colleges that teach tattooing, as of now.  So, you have to work under a professional artiste to master the basics. "Work under existing tattoo artistes as an apprentice to learn the art. However, now at BodyCanvas we do run an academy for teaching tattooing to aspiring artistes," he adds. 







Crazy realistic tattoo by: @anastasia_kiselyova_tattoo 🐯🐺

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Earning has no limit

That's the most exciting part. You can earn some quick money if you are really good at your job. Vikas points out that an average tattoo artiste can earn anything from Rs 2,000 to Rs five lakhs on each tattoo.  "It is finally a form of art and like other art forms it’s very difficult to put a price tag on the same. A person appreciating the art would be willing to pay any price for it," he says.







| Tattoo by @danielmesenbtt #blacktorchtattoo #batonrouge

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Tattooing is a hit trend now

Tattooing has become a very dominant fashion trend, it’s now more widely accepted in India. Youngsters and parents can now seriously consider this as a career option.  Vikas says, "Also, all parents want their children to take up a career with higher returns and that’s exactly what a career as a tattoo artiste promises." 

Now, isn't that enough info to convince your parents? Go ahead, take the plunge.

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