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Vulva-shaped pendants are the newest fad on Instagram. Let's talk about them

Save 'em 'haaws' and 'haaye taubas' already

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 22 May 2018, 4:43 PM
Vagina pendants are to be seen in abundance on social media

Vagina pendants are to be seen in abundance on social media Image: Instagram

Disclaimer: The post contains graphic content that might hurt 'some' people's sentiments. Reader discretion is advised.

Your body is a wonderland. John Mayer knows it, and we've, of course, known for ages. And now there's further proof β€” bejewelled ones even.

The female anatomy is beautiful. It has inspired stalwarts to create art. But do you want your vagina around your neck? We only ask because you can do it, you know. Vulva-shaped pendants are the latest social media fad. What are your thoughts on getting one?

They come in various colours and forms.

Some of them are toned down, in case you want to go subtle.

It was just last week when high-end jeweller Theo Fennell was ridiculed on social media for a piece of jewellery, which he thought was a β€œgem balancing on a goldsmith's fingers” but ended up looking like a vagina. 

Theo Fennell's accidental vulva-shaped pendant

Theo Fennell's accidental vulva-shaped pendant Image: Facebook

But what's wrong with that?

A vagina is a vital organ β€” just ask Swara Bhaskar. Are you really going to be ashamed of it? If you weren't a Cesarean, you came out that route, remember?

We are not asking you to wear it around your neck – in India, you may be beaten up, or may be tagged as 'asking for it'. But we say, if they can make it, we can wear it. 

And if you want to flaunt it like a queen, that's even better. Kudos to you. Owning your body is a liberating feeling.

If we've somehow hurt you with the post and you want to thrash the hell out of us, we just want to ask you this: Did you read the first line?

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