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Vodka done right: Food pairing and etiquette everyone should know

If life gives you lemons, add vodka to it

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 12 July 2018, 4:49 PM
Vodka martini with olive garnish

Vodka martini with olive garnish Image: Thinkstock

Waddup, people? Hope the mid-week blues are not bogging you down too much. If they are, we've got the perfect solution for you. In this week's health drinks lesson, we got you notes about good 'ol vodka. 

What? Vodka is a health drink. For real! Technically, the ones made out of potatoes — potato juice is healthy. See! *giggles*

Jokes apart, we are here to take you on a vodka-done-right journey and tell you all about how to pair it, and how to have it. Yep, just like we did for our other faves, wine and whiskey

You've got our attention

You've got our attention GIF: Giphy

What are you waiting for? Let's start your vodka initiation process right away. Helping us is Ajit Balgi, founder of The Happy High and your 'spiritual' guide for the day!

So, which food items go well with vodka-based drinks? He says, “A four-cheese pizza with a honey-ginger-lemon martini is that perfect salt-and-sweet combination to enhance your dining experience as much as a frozen glass of vodka is with simple curry and rice to beat the winter chill. I love my espresso martini with a 70 per cent chocolate tart.” Noice! 


Absolutely! GIF: Giphy

And what are the complete no-nos, when it comes to the happy drink?

  • Don't have your vodka at Indian room temperature as it increases the perception of alcohol.
  • Don't have your vodka neat (like in Poland) with Indian food as the spice will elevate the alcohol burn.
  • Don't shy away from asking for your favourite mixer with your vodka. You are the best judge.

But what about the etiquette? For every kind of alcohol, there's a certain ordeal involved. So, what about vodka etiquette?

  • Most people think of vodka as a flavourless liquid. But if you pay close attention, there is a difference in taste based on the ingredients such as rye, grape or wheat. So, please do not pass judgement when people praise the taste of vodka they love. Not all vodkas are the same.
  • Chill your vodka in the freezer, alcohol doesn't freeze and your vodka tastes delightful.
  • Sip your vodka, do not shoot it.
  • Always take some nibbles in between vodka sips.
Please do...NOW!

Please do...NOW! GIF: Giphy

Did you know vodka is widely used in desserts and food because it is simply amazing to taste? Recently, yours truly gobbled down some orange vodka infused dark chocolate cake which was heavenly. But Balgi actually advises against it. 

He says, “Vodkas could be used to spike cold food, be it desserts or salad dressings but I would keep that away as the delicate aromas are lost the moment one adds anything to it. Same applies to your smothering it with orange juice!”

Since it's one of the most popular drinks and people love to experiment with it, we asked Balgi to name an unconventional cocktail which is extremely delish, and he surprised us with his answer. He said, “For the lovers of oysters and vodka, the Oyster shooter, a combination of a raw oyster topped with chilled vodka, salt and Tabasco, can be a good shot to begin your evening.” Whoa! *dreaming about oysters now*

We need vodka. STAT! We can't wait to impart this knowledge to our vodka-loving friends and make their day. Why don't you do the same? And to make it even better, you can take them out for a drink. Or us. Pretty please?

We don't need no invite for that partayy!

We don't need no invite for that partayy! GIF: Giphy

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