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Users go berserk after losing all their Tinder matches and messages. Oops!

Nothing like '0 matches' to send Tinderheads into a tizzy... Hence proved!

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 6 April 2018, 7:08 PM
Uh oh, Tinder has caused quite a fire

Uh oh, Tinder has caused quite a fire Image: Thinkstock

In the world of speed dating, you know Tinder is like Google Baba — the answer to everything. Tinder-ing has become an inherent part of millennial life. Tinder prince and princesses can be seen all around you. And we are not joking, people seriously do rely on the app (unlike the 'match' you find there).

By now, Tinderellas have honed the skills to keep creeps at bay and guys have upped their game to woo the ladies. Improved dating, as many see it.

But the widely-used global app recently crashed and crushed a lot of hopes in the process.




The technical glitch resulted in many people losing all of their matches and messages — ours are safe, thankfully. Tinder apologised to its users.




But people were not having it. They went totally berserk and some added their dash of humour, too.



Legit problem.


We need answers, Tinder.


Someone kindly help her.


It's me!


Dayam, that's intense.


That plea, though.


At least, it worked in someone's favour.


Aww, Tind.


"They found love in a hopeless place" — could be their song if this love story works out.


All we can say is, it's a clean slate people, start afresh. Maybe this time around,  f**kbois would stay away. #JustSaying

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