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Tweeple are mad at Kylie Jenner for piercing five-month-old Stormi's ears

What about Stormi's choice?

Nanda Das @nanda1das 19 July 2018, 3:16 PM
Another day, another reason to be outraged at Kylie

Another day, another reason to be outraged at Kylie Image: Instagram

New mommy Kylie Jenner seems to run into controversy wherever she goes, whatever she does. And this time around, the almost-billionaire reality TV star is on Twitter's radar for her parenting skills. Cuz she just had her baby Stormi's ears pierced.

Fans got to know about it when Jenner posted a video on Snapchat, where a silver stud was visible on the five-month-old tot's ear. And that took the Internet by Stormi, err... storm. Of course, we have people both in favour and against the issue.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, cosmetic piercings can be performed at any age as long as the piercing is done carefully and looked after. But Netizens had something else to add.

Some pointed out the baby's choice should have been taken into consideration.

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