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Trying to go on a diet and failing miserably? Allow tweeple to gross you into it

People are reliving the most disgusting things they have ever eaten. Yuck!

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 13 March 2018, 9:47 PM
What's on your plate?

What's on your plate? Image: Thinkstock

When Nicole Cliffe started a thread to discuss the most disgusting things one has ever eaten, little did she know what a barrage of replies it would bring on.

Nicole asked, "Tell me about the worst thing you’ve ever eaten." And, of course, she wanted the real stuff, not a story about something that only looks weird.

But then, you know what they say, never underestimate Twitter. So tweeple obliged with the craziest, grossest, most disgusting things they've ever put into their mouth.

One said "Fried tarantula. It was bitter and acidic and hairy." Yuck!!! And then there was someone who ate poop. Cat poop! "One time I spilled chocolate raisins in the bed. Which is how I found out there was also a tiny piece of cat poo on the bed." Some were pretty relatable, though. "I drank orange soda someone had ashed their cigarette in as a kid 🙈". We've done that in our drunken state at parties, right? (Or is it just me?) Some had legit reasons for going that gross. "A warm bacon and egg smoothie. Nicole. A warm bacon and egg smoothie, Nicole. I was recovering from jaw surgery and was desperate. My husband—a chef with an iron stomach for absolutely any food who has thrown up fewer than 5 times ever — later told me he gagged while making it." We feel ya, girl. And sometimes, they just had to do it for grandma's sake. "Once when I was 8 my grandma undermicrowaved a hot dog and made me eat the entire half thawed thing." Gross, but as long as it's for grandma.

"guys this is so disgusting what have I done" regretted Nicole by the end. And we think we've lost our appetite for good.

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