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Transgender in India: YouTuber Julie Vu's India vlog features sexual assault and catcalling

From grabbing bottoms to catcalls, her desi experience has us seeing red

Arpita Kala 5 December 2017, 5:44 PM
Julie Vu's desi experience was not a good one

Julie Vu's desi experience was not a good one Image: Facebook/ Julie Vu

Canadian transgender blogger Julie Vu recently put up the vlogs of her India visit and we couldn't wait to see her reactions on the desi turf. The LGBT advocate, who goes by the name of Princess Joules, apparently had a 'first' of sorts here. Yep, she faced her first sexual harassment in Delhi. If you're cringing now, there's more.

In the first of the two part series, titled Transgender in India, Julie is seen visiting Janpath, where the incident reportedly occured. She says, "I just encountered my first sexual harassment. I was bent over and some man just grabbed my a**, yes, it happened." Not cool, desi boys, not cool.

The worst moment came when her friend told her 'it happens all the time,' which is sad but totally true.

And the ordeal didn't seem to end there, she also got catcalled in the Janpath Market, forcing Vu and her friend to make a hasty retreat. 



And we aren't the only ones cringing. Many of her followers are amazed at the behaviour too. One writes, "Girl you are so pretty!! But oh my god, I've never seen so many people stare or harass..." while some resorted to victim-shaming with comments such as 'They basically stare at every women in India, not just you. Especially when you wear like that! ' Oh well.

However, Vu seems to be unfazed and even posted a sweet shoutout to the desi followers. Though she did mention that she was warned against travelling to India. And, looking at the sleazy reception, we think, rightly so.


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