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To Keto or not to Keto, Arunoday Singh busts some myths

Is the Keto just a fad or does it really work? The hot dude of Bollywood gives us some much-needed answers

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 27 April 2018, 8:29 PM
Arunoday was last seen in Blackmail

Arunoday was last seen in Blackmail Image: Fotocorp

Forget Hamlet's existential question about life, the one question that deserves all our attention right now is whether to go on a Keto diet or not. 

Social media is gung-ho about this revolutionary diet that allows you to eat all fats and proteins without feeling the slightest guilt. The only catch? No carbs. Sounds simple, but it isn't. So, you can basically eat all the pizza topping but not the base. Or gorge on some yummy white sauce pasta without the actual pasta, you know what I mean? Ha! And you thought Keto was the foodies' diet. Et tu, Keto? 

Confused about the boon and bane of this much talked-about diet, we decided to ask someone who is truly in a position to comment. An expert of sorts when it comes to health and fitness and someone who's actually been on the Keto diet and surfaced on the other side to tell his tale. We're talking of Arunoday Singh. 







Morning Snuggles

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To say that the six-feet-three-inches tall hunk of a man could be the poster boy of fitness is an understatement. So we ask him his sweaty secret. Ssshhhhh!

"The Keto diet is good, it definitely works but it's not for everybody. And it's definitely not for me," said Arunoday. The Blackmail actor was on the Keto diet recently because he needed to shed a few kilos for a role. And it worked. "I shed the extra weight that I needed to shed without losing muscle mass. So if you ask me to grade the diet, I'll give it an A+. But this cannot be a long-term diet plan for me because my body needs carbs to function," he added. 

Much like our personalities, our bodies and metabolisms are also vastly different from one another. Then weigh in factors such as cravings, mood swings, pangs, stress, all the way up to the kitchen sink and a one-diet-fits-all sermon is impossible. And Arunoday agrees, "After about three weeks my body started craving carbs. And there are plenty of people who will experience the same when they go on the Keto." 











So what's the solution? "Well, start small. See how your body is coping with the new routine. If a diet is making you cranky and lazy, then it's not the diet for you. In that case, perhaps you can work out a system for yourself, alternating between a week of Keto and your normal diet. The results may not be so drastic but it will be healthy." 

If a diet is making you cranky and lazy, then it's not the diet for you: Truer words have not been spoken. What if the only diet that makes me happy is a steady diet of pizza? "Oh, you have no idea what I'd give to be on a pizza diet," said Arunoday, and we could almost feel his pain. "If I hadn't been in the business of looking good, I'd be eating pizzas for lunch and dinner. Even now, my cheat days are made of pizzas." We feel ya, mah friend. 



So there. All the deto on the Keto you needo.

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