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Tinder Aunty Mallika Dua has a love-hate relationship with love

For Mallika, Taimur is love, the rest is history

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 20 February 2018, 6:58 PM
Mallika Dua has no time for love

Mallika Dua has no time for love Image: Facebook

It's spring, and love, just like oxygen (as well as different pollutants), is in the air. Love it or hate it, but you can't ignore this feeling of attraction that seems to be stronger than even the pull of gravity. And some of us are also in love with the idea of being in love, you know what we mean, right?

Not so for comedienne Mallika Dua. She feels love is overrated, toxic, and it exhausts the eff out of you. For Mallika, the only unadulterated love is Taimur Ali Khan. Well, we kinda agree.

Mallika aka Tinder Aunty has some freshly-baked pointers on romance to serve to her fans on social media. Check out her honest AF love rant that she shared on Instagram yesterday. 

#LoveGyan 1.1:

Come to think of it, love makes us do far more hateful things than hate man.

#LoveGyan 1.2:

Hate has no hidden agenda. Love is just all over the place, twisted and magnetic and downright stupid. Not to mention directionless and heavy AF. At least hate is not a con job.





#LoveGyan 1.3:

Haters gonna hate. BUT "lovers" gonna fu*k with your head and life and never admit to doing so while exhausting the life and peace out of you, leaving you feeling like a heroin addict on constant withdrawal with a side of anxiety induced diarrhoea scyauz me bye.

#LoveGyan 1.4:

Bass now I love trolls. Oh wait. I hate love. I love hate. But I hate love. Fu*k this shit frunz. 

#LoveGyan 1.5:

The only unadulterated love is Taimur baba. Good bye.  

"I hate you like I love you", is that what Mallika's telling love?

Taimur Ali Khan
Mallika's one true love, Taimur (Image: Instagram)

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