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This woman lost 42 kilos in a year, and here's her diet plan

Simple changes in lifestyle and food habits can help you lose weight, one calorie at a time

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 23 June 2018, 4:34 PM
Anupriya Raghav is fitspiring everyone who wishes to lose weight

Anupriya Raghav is fitspiring everyone who wishes to lose weight Image: Facebook/Anupriya Raghav

When 34-year-old IT professional Anupriya Raghav's highest weight hit 110kg, she considered it her life's lowest point. She was worried about her health and wanted to lose weight for herself, not because someone else told her to. 

So, when she came across a social media portal that advocated healthy lifestyle and fitness, Anupriya was filled with the zeal to shed those extra kilos.

A year later, Anupriya is 42 kilos lighter and her transformation is simply wow. But she didn't crash diet or go under the knife or starve herself. She regulated her lifestyle, made exercise an integral part of her life and kept a tab on her calorie consumption.

Anupriya lost 42 kilos in a year

Anupriya lost 42 kilos in a year Image: Facebook/ Anupriya Raghav

But then, we keep hearing about the Keto diet, the Banting, Alkaline and so many other diets, and their pros and cons. Which one do we opt for? Anupriya's diet looks much more doable than all of the above. And we are tempted to embark on the weight-loss journey right this minute. 

Her diet plan:

Breakfast: 3 whole eggs and 20 grams of almonds, with black coffee

Lunch: 100gm boneless chicken with 200gm vegetables, and curd

Dinner: 100gm rice, 40gm dal and 100gm paneer

She has cheat days, too. But she does proper strength or resistance training with zero cardio for 90 minutes, six days a week.

So, what's the secret mantra? Anupriya told a daily“Count your calories more than you count your steps. No need for crash diets, starving yourself, getting under the knife to lose your body weight. Weight training is far more effective in weight loss and replacing fat with muscle than any other form of exercise. With a balanced diet, you can have chicken biryani cooked the right way daily and yet lose weight consistently. Just a regular fitness regime and well-balanced diet as per your body is all that is required. You need patience to get back in shape from whichever point you have wandered off to.” 

That transformation is very impressive, Anupriya

That transformation is very impressive, Anupriya Image: Facebook/Anupriya Raghav

That's true. When asked what are the lifestyle changes she's incorporated, she was quoted saying, “Overhauled the basic cooking ingredients in my kitchen. Omitted refined and olive oils. Everything was cooked in ghee only, along with minimum salt intake, zero sugar, plenty of green leafy vegetables and gallons of water. Keep a kitchen scale and measure every ingredient used for cooking. Ninety to 120 minutes of regular gym time.”

This sure as hell sounds like a diet plan we can stick to. What say? And, what Anupriya has done in a year is mighty impressive. She's fitspiring us like a bawse. 

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