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Ramzan Special: Try out a hatke Nizami menu at this Mumbai café

Farzi Café's Ramzan Nizami Food Festival menu is to die for

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 7 June 2018, 5:26 PM
Darbari Chicken Handi with Fenugreek Kulcha, at Farzi Café

Darbari Chicken Handi with Fenugreek Kulcha, at Farzi Café Image: Farzi Café

Ramzan, in addition to being the holy month in Islam, is also the month where great food is on everyone's mind. We patiently wait for iftaar party invites from our Muslim friends, as we know that the food is going to be amazing. Alas, after moving cities, I don't really have a Muslim friend here whom I can coax into inviting me to their home for a great feast. *sighs*

But that doesn't mean I totally dismiss the idea of having Nizami food during this holy month. My food religion demands me to go out and try Ramzan special meals in Mumbai. And making my wish come true is Mumbai's Farzi Café.

They have a Ramzan Nizami Food Festival menu at all of their outlets, and it is what food dreams are made of. *can't keep calm*

“Nizami cuisine includes a wide variety of dishes and it is one of the most preferred cuisines in our country. Nizami cuisine is a rich mélange of bold flavours, tantalising spices and an array of local influences. With a strong culinary heritage, this cuisine is a blend of tradition and novelty. Our in-house chefs are delighted to offer an exclusive experience of Nizami cuisine to our patrons. The food festival promises to delight customers with its uniqueness,” says Zorawar Kalra, founder and managing director, Massive Restaurants. 

On the platter one can find exclusively curated dishes like Shikamipuri kebab, Sheermal sponge, Mint Pesto, Pather ke kebab, Dum ke kebab, Darbari chicken handi, Shahi haleem risotto, and Keema aamras croquettes with crispy coin paratha for non-vegetarians.

Dum ke Kebab

Dum ke Kebab Image: Farzi Café

For vegetarian-folks, too, the menu is mouthwatering. Dishes such as Badam and Akhrot ki tikki, Paneer pakeeza with Gongura pickle mayo, Paneer Bagh-E-Bahar lasagna, Hyderabadi shahi mix veg ratatouille served with whole wheat bread are on the menu.

Badam and Akhrot Ki Tikki

Badam and Akhrot Ki Tikki Image: Farzi Café

And how can we forget desserts? You can go yum-yum all over Qubani Meetha ka Tart, Exotic fruit platter, Irani Chai crème brûlée with Osmania biscuit, et al.

Qurbani Meetha ka Tart

Qurbani Meetha ka Tart Image: Farzi Café

Oho ho ho!

BTW, lunch is served at 12 noon and dinner at 7pm. And your favourite food hogger is going to gorge on it like there's no tomorrow. #KthanxBye

Om nom nom

Om nom nom GIF: Giphy

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