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This Bring Your Own Headphones session lets you experience a live studio recording

Pune's Gray Spark Audio studio just held its first BYOH concept session featuring indie sensation Bhrigu Sahni

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 15 March 2018, 6:27 PM
Bhrigu Sahni plays at BYOH Live

Bhrigu Sahni plays at BYOH Live Image: Facebook/ BYOH Live

Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) is cool, but have you heard of the Bring Your Own Headphones (BYOH) concept session hosted by Pune's Gray Spark Audio studio? The second volume of the listening sessions was launched recently, and the first performance featured indie artiste Bhrigu Sahni. 

The BYOH concept is about letting the audience experience something incredible, as they can witness a live recording through their headphones, that too in studio-quality. In the first session, Sahni performed his song Momentary Present at the studio, while listeners tuned into the performance with their headphones. The BYOH experience strives to give its audiences a feel of a studio recording.

“It really is a surreal experience to have each person in the audience listening to the exact same thing you are listening to. It somehow dissolves the gap between the performer and the audience," Sahni told Rolling Stone India.







The session also lets the artiste and the listeners get a sense of each other, from either side of the performance. BYOH Live is conceptualised as a series of gigs, which wants to give a platform to homegrown indie names. 





set up clearly going too well!

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"I am appalled by how artistes are treated during gigs. It is as if people attend concerts to drink rather than listen to music. I hope BYOH will change this attitude," Gray Spark Audio founder Ronak Runwal had told Pune Mirror in an interview last year.

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