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This badass granny just got her first tattoo at 91. What are you waiting for?

Were you looking for some inspiration? Here you go...

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 3 February 2018, 8:08 PM
Granny just got cooler (Image for representative purposes only)

Granny just got cooler (Image for representative purposes only) Image: Thinkstock

They say it is never too late until you say so. And looks like someone really took this seriously. We're talking about Sharda Jhavar, who decided to get inked at the age of 91. Yep.

Do not be fooled by this cute and cuddly granny, for in a singular move she not only proved to be a total badass, but even managed to show a metaphorical middle finger to patriarchy. Let us tell you how. 

First tat at 91

Turns out Sharda was actually inspired by her daughter-in-law's tattoo and finally decided to get one herself. Wow! Shouldn't this be the saas-bahu saga one should make daily soaps about?


Sharda is a very religious person and a staunch believer of Shiva, which is why she decided to get a Shiva-inspired tat on her arm.

A close-up of the Shiva tattoo

"As per tradition, if you have had a fulfilling and satisfying life, it is imperative to show gratitude by some means; hence the tattoo, " Sharda Jhavar told T2 Online. Mind has been blown!



So, was working on a 91-year-old difficult, especially someone who is doing it for the firs time? Celebrity tattoo artist, Vikas Malani of BodyCanvas Tattoos and Piercings, says, "Naah."

"A woman getting her first tattoo done at the age of 91 is commendable and inking her was one of the most interesting and inspiring experiences in my tattoo career. Sharda is living life to the fullest, which also includes having a bucket list of things to be done. She she doesn’t really care what the society thinks," added Vikas, and boy are we in awe!

No, this doesn't mean you are regressive if you don't have a tattoo. It also doesn't mean that a tattoo is a ticket to cool-dom. What it does mean, however, is that it is truly never too late.



"She is a symbol of women's empowerment. In a country where women have always been controlled, she represents women moving out of the image set for them and exploring the world on their own terms," Vikas said.

And what does badass granny feel about her new tat? "It feels amazing to carry it!"

Over and out.

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