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These illustrations make famous paintings and characters look funny

Japanese illustrator Shusaku Takaoka's gimmicks will leave you in splits

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 7 June 2018, 2:42 PM
When Snow White had no effs to give

When Snow White had no effs to give Image: Instagram/ Shusaku Takaoka

What if Snow White had a #MeToo moment or The Little Mermaid had no effs to give when Prince Eric fell head over heels in love with her? Sounds a bit off, doesn't it? Well, a Japanese illustrator has done the hitherto not done. Shusaku Takaoka has come up with a rib-tickling series of illustrations, adding quirk to some famous painting and films. We have got our hands on some of his illustrations on Instagram. 

Through his illustrations, he has made Snow White meet Eve, Alice snort coke, Scarface's Tony Montana meet Donald Duck, and the list goes on.

Take a look at the madness:

When Eve shared the forbidden apple with Snow White

Riri does a girl with the pearl earring

Jay Gatsby and his fidget spinner

Frieda Kahlo turns badass

Sleeping Beauty and Salvador Dali

Monalisa gets wicked 

Van Gogh's Scream on a joyride 

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