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These amazing 3D desserts will remind you of your geometry class. Bon Appetit!

A perfect combination of design and taste, 3D cakes are a treat for those who love style inventions on a platter

Nivi Shrivastava 10 May 2018, 4:04 PM
Can you believe that this exotic looking structure is actually a cake?

Can you believe that this exotic looking structure is actually a cake? Image: INSTAGRAM

If you appreciate design and innovation blended with food, the work of this cake artiste will blow your mind. Dinara Kasko, a 28-year-old pastry chef from Ukraine, specialises in the art of 3D cooking and makes avant-garde geometric desserts that are just too perfect. Talk about an absolute feast for the eyes!

The architect-turned-baker uses a novel printer to carve out incredible moulds and uses them to make cakes and pies. According to a post in her website, Dinara says, "I realised that the appearance is as important as taste. I tried to model my own moulds and print them with a 3D printer and I liked what I got. I prefer simple plain geometric shapes like cube, triangle and sphere. I like black colour, as well as red and white. I like sharp straight lines."

Wondering how this works? Here's a video of the 3D printer that Dinara uses to create new designs: 

From layers of shiny apples and cherry blossoms to intricate geometrical and complex cubical structures — Dinara loves to express her creative side with innovative designs. Take a look at her creations that are nothing less than artworks. 

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