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The Wyoming ranch, where Kanye West had a listening party, just banned rappers

Kanye is making it very hard for rappers to party

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 7 June 2018, 2:57 PM
It's Kanye vs Wyoming

It's Kanye vs Wyoming Image: Twitter

Kanye West is making life harder for the rappers, and it needs to be addressed. Just a few days ago, Kanye hosted a star-studded listening party for his new album, Ye, at a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Three days after the party, the ranch has banned rappers. Damn, Kanye, what did you do?

Turns out Kanye was an unpleasant host, who'd change plans every half hour. He also paid no heed to the county laws and the owner of the ranch got complaints about the noise, and insists that it was all utterly chaotic.

Kanye has been spending the last few weeks in Wyoming, working on his new album. His listening party was an impressive affair, where he invited people from the music industry, Hollywood stars, journalists, his friends and family to listen to his new album. 

Names like Jonah Hill, Chris Rock, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and of course, Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian West were all present at the ranch party. The party was such a success that Kanye is already planning to sell Wyoming merch.

But turns out, Wyoming doesn't love Kanye as much as Kanye loves Wyoming. Yikes.

Jane Golliher, who owns and operates the Diamond Cross Ranch told Blast that hosting Kanye’s party was great exposure for the business, but  it was the “most confusing” event she has ever handled.

Golliher says Kanye's team had originally planned the party to be set inside, but plans were changing “every 30 minutes” and ultimately the party was held outside in campfire-style, where the sound was so loud that the ranch’s neighbors made complaints, which she had to handle personally to avoid police complaints.

The listening party was supposed to be over by 10pm, but Kanye did not start until 9:30pm. The chaos got so hectic for the staff that Golliher had to threaten to cut power to stop the party. 

Golliher insists that she has no issues with Kanye and that his team was wonderful, but they made it clear to her that Kanye does whatever Kanye wants. And honestly, that's so Kanye.

Golliher also revealed that she charged $50,000 for the rights to hold a party at her ranch, but she should’ve asked for more. And confirmed that in the future she will not host rappers, but will think about conducting day events for good music-related events.

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