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The secret to a cool summer is through your stomach. Here's all you can eat

From the good ol' lassi to the exotic sattu, check out these goodies that combat the heat

Arpita Kala 7 May 2017, 7:41 PM
Alia Bhatt knows how to keep cool in summers

Alia Bhatt knows how to keep cool in summers

If the umpteen bottles of fizzy drinks and iced coffees are not helping you the minute you step out of an air-conditioned room, it's time to go au naturel. For starters, reduce your dependence on artificial cooling to let your body acclimatise to the weather. The summer heat is going to burn more, once your dad hauls you up for the increased electricity bill. Picture this and we rest our case:

So, here are some healthy and easy ways to keep cool this summer:


When lassi isn't doing it for you, switch to the cooler sister, buttermilk or chhas. This elixir is notoriously effective in lowering body temperature during extremely hot weather and is a great step-in for your fitness drinks. It is extremely effective in alleviating dehydration, and is one of few food sources rich in calcium without any fat content.

Coconut water

Coconut water in summer can refresh you like no other drink. The natural beverage is packed with electrolytes, essential minerals and simple sugars — all necessary nutrients that can keep dehydration at bay during the hot months.


A staple food in Bihar, it is typically made from a combination of ground grains such as Bengal gram or barley. Furthermore, it is easy to digest and is rich in roughage, making it the ideal drink or snack to have on a warm summer afternoon.


It is impossible to think of a more refreshing drink than chilled lemonade to enjoy during the hot summer months. It is easy to make and contains vital nutrients such as vitamin A, C, E, & B6, iron, and riboflavin. Typically made with lime or lemon juice mixed with water and sugar/honey, it can also be bought online nowadays in the form of a ready-to-mix powder.


Kokum or Cocum is an Indian fruit known for its tangy taste, and is used to flavour certain dishes in west India and Goa, and is used extensively in Assam. It is also rich in dietary fibre and vitamin C and is low in calories, making it a great ingredient in any food preparation. Kokum can also be consumed in the form of a juice, which can help keep the body cool during summer. Many Ayurveda experts also agree that the kokum berry can treat various conditions like sores or rashes, helps prevent stomach infection, improves digestion, etc. It can also alleviate diarrhea and constipation, and heal stomach ulcers in no time.


Apricots are one of the most versatile fruits in the world. It can be eaten ripe, dried, as a juice, or even as a preservative. Commonly called khubaani in India, the fruit is widely available across the country. Apricot is rich in vitamins A and C, and iron. It also alleviates digestive problems, and reduces inflammation, all common ailments most people suffer from during the summer season. Apricots can also hydrate skin cells that can prevent you from suffering from dry skin or scalp.

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