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The pineapple pizza debate is over: Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay gives his verdict

The Hawaiian pizza has never failed to evoke extreme reactions. Love it? Hate it? Well, Gordon Ramsay finally shuts the dilly-dallying down, once and for all

Anannya Chatterjee 1 April 2017, 7:15 PM
Gordon Ramsay shuts down the never-ending debate over Hawaiian pizza

Gordon Ramsay shuts down the never-ending debate over Hawaiian pizza Image: Facebook

To be or not to be a pizza topping? It has been the biggest dilemma for the ubiquitous pineapple. Although the Hawaiian pizza has been on the menu for a long time now, its right to existence has always been in question. You have either loved it to bits or hated it to the core. The debate over pineapple pizzas has, let's just say, started dinner-table wars. The final verdict is here, though. And it's come from none other than master chef Gordon Ramsay. He minces no words to let you know that he hates pineapple on pizza. On The Nightly Show, the celebrity chef declared his feelings about pineapple pizza in his own style.

While hosting his show, Ramsay ordered a pizza on television and asked his audience for the choice of toppings. As suggestions flew in, somebody said, "pineapples". It ticked off the celebrity chef and he put his phone on hold and said, "You don’t put f*****g pineapple on pizza.”

Then he turned his attention to the order and said, “So, 10 pepperoni, 10 margherita....and no pineapple anywhere.” It didn't end there. Towards the end of his call, he turned to the person with the 'pineapple suggestion' and asked, "What the f*** are you doing?" There you go. Case closed, for real.

The pineapple pizza debate is officially over.

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