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The jeans of the future that has broken the Internet. Will you dare to wear it?

We've got all the dope on those harmless pants that are reportedly dividing Twitterverse right now. Tee hee!

Arpita Kala 15 March 2017, 7:12 PM
Topshop has introduced the most controversial mom jeans of all times

Topshop has introduced the most controversial mom jeans of all times

A simple pair of distressed 'mom-jeans' with plastic knee-panels is taking over the interweb by storm. The high-waisted denims are up for sale on the Topshop website, and the viewers are divided about the clear knee panels that cover the rips on the jeans. Priced at $95 (roughly Rs 6,240), the pair of jeans has got everyone talking. Take a dekko:

mom jeans

The pair of jeans is also available on that describes the plastic covered rips as "slick plastic panels bare your knees for a futuristic feel". The user reviews have taken sarcasm to the next level, despite the garment having a 5-star rating. One reviewer wrote: "Finally my knees have been begging for a futuristic feel for years and I kept telling them they are way ahead of the times now they will be very happy that I can give them this wonderful gift..." while another user commented, "The jeans with tin foil covering the knees are also great. Those work for dressier occasions."

Some fashionistas and Twitteratti were downright bewildered with comments like these making the rounds, "I need an explanation. Is this an actual product or a prank?"


And, then, mom's the word on the clear denim jeans.

Well, we can't really decide whether to give yay or nay for these jeans. So, we'll just pass it off as an early April Fool prank by the fashion brand.

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