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The first ever Indian meme festival is coming to Delhi. Aao kabhi meme fest pe?

Maybe you will find Gormint Aunty there..... no promises though

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 16 March 2018, 8:15 PM
Are you ready for the meme fest?

Are you ready for the meme fest? Image: Facebook/AIB

If you spend hours meme-ing on the Internet — we don't blame you. But we can give you a decent outlet to wear your meme-love on your sleeve. India is set to have its first full-on meme festival — where you can expect the best of desi, meme-worthy pop culture. So, in the name of Gormint Aunty, we compel you to check it out.

The Meme Fest is set to be held at Delhi's DLF Place, Saket, March 30 onwards and while no headliners have been announced yet, expect to be surprised. There are no passes or tickets, and you can literally just show up. "Buckle up for a time where everything is 'of the meme, by the meme and for the meme'," reads a description on their page.

The Meme fest is a three-day event, and will end on April 1 — coincidence? We think not. And though the organisers are being totally cryptic about what the fest entails, more details are set to be unveiled soon. 







The Meme Fest Facebook page also posted a fun meme score test with seriously fun categories.

Watch this space for more details.

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