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The definitive guide to time management in college

Also known as staying sane for four years

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 12 June 2018, 3:54 PM
Adulting 101: Time management

Adulting 101: Time management Image: Thinkstock

If you're a freshman/woman or are going to be one in a few weeks - you've made it here on time. The next few months are going to feel like a Westworld episode. Mainly because you will only understand what's going on when you re-play.

You will have to juggle a thousand things, from your deadlines to drama clubs to keeping up with school friends, to updating Instagram. To be fair, you had to do all of it in school, too, but now, people just expect you to be better at it.

It is as if you've magically metamorphosed into an adulting superstar in four months - it is not fair. 

So, here's how you can manage your time in college and fake being an adult for a while. Or four years. Whatever.

Back to school

Don't abandon the scheduling habits which school taught you. You can actually make a very handy itinerary following the same format. Make a daily to-do list, which should include everything from classes, to breaks to gym to coffee. Do not make separate timetables. Include your class schedule in one super inclusive schedule.

Print out checklists

You can do this every morning. Do not set reminders on your phone — written or printed checklists are much more accessible and save you a lot of time. 

But seriously, you can add every detail you need to remember on the list. If you need to carry an extra bag the next day, you can write it down. According to a study in Psychological Science, using pen and paper to write things down, instead of taking notes on a laptop, helps boost memory retention.

Homework planner apps

Invest in a good planner app to sort your curriculum. Most paid homework planner apps have helpful reminders and deadline management features which come in handy.

Be extra

Extracurriculars need to be a part of your college life — but not for the sake of your resume. They will help you beat the stress in a massive way. Make time for them, because if you don't, your academics will engulf you completely. If at times, you need to leave a class early to do something for your club, talk to the professor. Chances are, he or she will totally let you go.

Netflix and dinner

If you're in college, you'll find you never get time to just eat. Dinner time is probably also Netflix time for you, or the only time you get to just browse Instagram without an agenda. Just accept it.

Alternatively, if you allot time to zone out — switch of your devices.

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