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The cult of Kuhad: Folkboy Prateek Kuhad takes our really random rapid fire

Desi indie music has found its voice, and he just took our rapid fire

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 30 January 2018, 9:50 PM
T2 Interview
Kuhad gets candid

Kuhad gets candid Image: Facebook/ Prateek Kuhad

If you've ever questioned Prateek Kuhad's cult-esque popularity, you've obviously never listened to him. So, we really want you to stream his work before you read up on him. The NYU grad has gone from being a Bandcamp sensation to becoming the voice of homegrown indie folk. And he is the person you're looking for when you're aimlessly coasting through YouTube.

Kuhad, who was born in Jaipur, received MTV EMA's best Indian act award in 2016. The same year, he debuted two of his most impressive hits, Tune Kaha and Dil Beparvah (his collaboration with Ankur Tiwari). He performed at NH7 Weekender Pune and the debut edition of Goa's TimeOut72 last December, and is all set to play at Backdoor 2018.

He talked to T2 Online about all things random — from Hunger Games to the #MeToo movement. 

What are the two apps you just can't do without?

I really want to say that I can do without any app because I’m present and in the moment and totally not dependent on technology. 

You recently had your UK debut. What's the worst part about being on tour?

The constant travelling and the logistics. 



Two words to describe the Indian indie music scene?

Derivative and growing.

Two indie bands/ musicians you really admire?

Tom Odell, Tobias Jesso Jr. There are SO many more though! 


Do you have a pre-gig ritual?

Not really. Sometimes I’ll have a whiskey to calm the nerves, but I wouldn’t call that a ritual.

What are you watching or streaming right now?

The Magicians (it’s actually pretty bad, don’t judge me and don’t ask me why I’m watching it).



Do you have a break-up ritual? If so, what is it?

I've only really had one legit break-up, so I'm still figuring that ritual out..

Do people recognise you when you go out?

Very rarely.

Your thoughts on the #MeToo movement?

It’s sparked a very important conversation that society really needs to have. About time. 



If you could be someone else on Twitter?

I don’t really want to. 



What was the last film you watched?

I can’t remember. It might have been Hunger Games, on a flight. 

What are you listening to right now?

Right this instant — a lot of drum sounds.

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